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Peter Stenning
14-08-09, 10:37
How does one find a birth at sea?

I have seen the original census return that has been mistranscribed a great deal .

1) it says born "ST Sea " should be At Sea
2) middle name of Mary to me its May
3) Heads middle name transc. as James but is Samuel .

So dont believe a transcription as gospel .

So Where am i likly to Find Alice Maud May'mary' Ifields birth record .?


Elaine ..Spain
14-08-09, 10:39
What year (approx)?

Findmypast have Births at sea 1854-1887

Peter Stenning
14-08-09, 10:42
Thats handy she is born 1875 so may be listed there.

Also listed as British so presumably on a home ship of some kind.


Elaine ..Spain
14-08-09, 10:48
Does this query relate to one of your previous threads - http://www.familytreeforum.com/research-qs/71767-sweet-problem.html

If so I am wondering how accurate the 1911 census is as the 1901 census clearly states that she was born in Pontypool.
Have you looked at the actual image of the 1911 or are you just working on the transcription?
Have you followed up on the marriage between Alice Ifield and John Sweet to see if the marriage certificate holds any more clues.

Peter Stenning
14-08-09, 11:02
i am looking at the image as well as transcription and it is definately 'At Sea' on the Image .
yes it is the same problem but now i have seen the image on the other thread i had not .

Puting two and two together was she headed for Pontypool when born perhaps ?

Elaine ..Spain
14-08-09, 11:06
Do you know if she was born as Alice Ifield - or whether her marriage to John Sweet was a second marriage?

Peter Stenning
14-08-09, 11:21
i dont know if that is her birth name for certain.

I do know John Richard Samue Sweet was married before as Oliver is listed as son by previous marraige and my mum knows of Oli as he was known , as her fathers half brother .

But i have not yet found that first marriage .