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14-08-09, 01:01

I was wondering if anyone would be able to have a look at the 1891 census for England and see if they can find a Hugh Clifford married to Isabella Clifford (Blair) Hugh Born: 1866 in Lanarkshire, Scotland

He went to England to play football then and I'd like to know where he was staying.

Many thanks in Advance.

susan h
14-08-09, 01:06
Hugh Clifford born c 1866 Lanark, Scotland

Other members of household
Isabella Clifford age 23
William Clifford age 2
Samuel Clifford age 8/12
Wm Vaughton age 21

Professional footballer. 64, Albert Street, Stoke upon Trent (St Peter), Staffordshire

14-08-09, 14:13
Thank you very much Susan :)

15-08-09, 20:26
Samuel Clifford age 8/12

Could that be 8/12 months rather than years?

Uncle John
15-08-09, 20:34
8/12 is a common way of saying 8 months.

15-08-09, 20:41
ah right. Makes much more sense now! I thought there was another mystery child there :)