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14-08-09, 00:37

Despite me being a member for a while I'm reasonably new to genealogy. Can anyone help me as I'm going round in ever decreasing circles on Ancestry.

I'm helping a friend search for her grandmother's brothers details.

Grandmother Maud Annie Garness 1903 Cheltenham.
Maud's parents are Florence Louise Cooke & William Edward Garness.

I have found Florence and William on the 1901 Census with a 1 year son Jack Garness and I've located him on the birth index born 1899.

Jack joined the army in 1917 as a 17 year old. My problem is now I cannot find a marriage or death certificate. Perhaps Jack never returned from WW1. Can anyone direct me towards other websites where I can search.

Cheers Gerry

Lyn A
14-08-09, 00:51
Hi Gerry,
I cannot see a death for him on the CWGC site.
Have you tried checking the Army records on Ancestry. I was going to, but Ancestry seems to be having a hissy fit.
I will look if I can get in.

susan h
14-08-09, 01:02
There are service records for Jack on Ancestry.

Lyn A
14-08-09, 01:09
Gracious Susan! Ancestry is going so slow for me, that I haven't even manages to get them open yet, let alone search them! Lol!
Think I will give up and go have a bath.

14-08-09, 05:37
British WW1 Service Records 1914-1920 ....several pages

Name:Jack Garness
Residence:12 Priory St Cheltenham
Occupation:Mechanic at Flying School

Will save the images for you and send them on if you PM me with an email address.

14-08-09, 06:37
Thank you everyone.

Macbev I have got Jack's Short Service record but I couldn't find anything else. I was hoping there was a discharge record which would tell me he survived WW1.

Cheers Gerry

14-08-09, 07:19
Part of the records I have saved state he was demobilized 10 March 1919.

Durham Lady
14-08-09, 08:32
There's a Jack Garness in Cheltenham on the 1911 census, gives his date of birth as 1900, but they are often out by a year. You'll need to buy credits to see the full census though.
Not that it's going to help find him After WW1. There's nothing showing for immigration either.

14-08-09, 09:08
Did he go aboard as the only marriage I found so far for a Jack Garness is in Cook County Illinois to a Elaine Bohett index 1930-1960. I do not have world wide cover to look further to check it might be him.

Christine in Herts
14-08-09, 12:41
There's also a younger Jack E Garness who married in 1960 in Minnesota (a free collection on Ancestry), and you'll find a Jack Garness on Facebook, too.


15-08-09, 01:53
Thank you every body once again :D

Bev I have pm'd you with my email addy if you wouldn't mind sending me what you've got. I'm so happy he survived the war.

Cheers Gerry