View Full Version : No wonder

13-08-09, 19:42
people have trouble finding graves!!!

Saw this notice by an old chuchyard which had only 3 headstones in it and the rest of it was just grass.


Uncle John
13-08-09, 19:43
Is that where Jack Cohen got the idea for Tesco?

13-08-09, 19:48
No idea??????

Uncle John
14-08-09, 16:39
Sorry, my musing may have been a bit too obscure! I was thinking of his "pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap" philosophy.

14-08-09, 16:48
Ah I see - am a bit dim after my travels.

Pretty unfortunate though for people seeking memorial inscriptions in that old churchyard.

Mary from Italy
14-08-09, 18:27
I'm afraid I'm being dim, too. No wonder what?

14-08-09, 18:45
'Pile em high'..........3 headstones........:D:D

No wonder only 3 headstones?

Laura the Explorer
14-08-09, 18:51
Gosh How many names did the three head stones have on them they must have been huge :D:D


15-08-09, 00:53
Sorry rephrased it a bit.

No there were only 3 families commemorated and the other 100,000 less 3 families had nothing to show they ever existed in that very overcrowded churchyard.

I was so surprised so many had been buried there.