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13-08-09, 16:00
Hello Folks,

Is there some kind soul out there who would be good enough to look up the Canadian Passenger List 1865-1935 on Ancestry?

I have the bog standard subscription, but not the worldwide one unfortunately.

I am looking for a William Black, born 1873 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, who is down on the relevant censuses as a boilermaker/iron bridge builder (ideas above his station, methinks!). He disappeared after his wife died in childbirth, leaving four young kiddies in the care of his sister-in-law, never to be seen again it seems. We think he worked in the boiler-room of a cable laying ship 'Patrol', and have a photograph to that effect. However, family stories went that he was once in the Far East in Indonesia, and was seen on a bogey-cart on the railways in Canada. It would have been after 1901 when he 'did a runner', but beyond that we have no idea of his whereabouts. This is my husband's true grandfather, and we would love to try and solve the mystery of William Black.

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Christine in Herts
13-08-09, 17:48
There's a promising-looking one on FMP, leaving Glasgow for Quebec in 1906. travelling steerage.

Just having a quick look here:
Search - Passenger Lists, 1865-1922 - Library and Archives Canada (http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/passenger/001045-100.01-e.php)
(arr Montreal 26 Jun)
He was aged 35, a farm servant from Aberdeen - according to the inbound manifesto (image 11 of 12)


Christine in Herts
13-08-09, 17:56
There was one in 1916, travelling from Liverpool, aged 43, but he was a US lawyer.


13-08-09, 18:05
I looked up the 1906 one on 1911 Canadian census. Quite difficult to read as a lot of scribble. This William is married to a Mody? has 3 children one of whom is 5. No sign of employment....sorry

PS on ancestry there are several William Blacks emigrating in the time frame. If hasn't been cracked later I will look again, but have to go now sorry...


13-08-09, 21:29
Many thanks to everybody, but none of these guys fit the slot. William Black would have travelled on his own, and I wish he had been a lawyer! Apparently, so the family years ago said, was that he did keep in touch with his folks back in Glasgow but only for a short period of time. I did see a mention of a William Black, born in 1873, arriving back into Liverpool in 1916 on the 'Penmorrah' from Bombay/Karachi. He is listed as in steerage, as his description is given as 'distressed seaman'. I then Googled in 'Penmorrah', and the only site mentioning that name was given in a Melbourne, Australia, newspaper. This was recorded in 1926 in this paper, giving all the ships in harbour a wireless range in Melbourne. Maybe this vessel did sail all the way from Australia, via Bombay, which is where William was hoisted ashore!?

We are convinced that he must have died abroad, as it would have been unlikely that his family knew nothing about his death had he returned back to Glasgow. Talk about looking for a needle in a haystack.........LOL!


14-08-09, 16:37
Bumping this up with the hope that someone out there can help, please?


14-08-09, 19:36
I'm afraid so far I can only tell you who it isn't

Its not William Black on the Empress of France 1927.....b. Lerwick
nor on the Duchess of Richmond 1930.....b. Aberdeen
nor Montcalm 1925.....b. Aberdeen
nor Orduna in 1918..... married and a sailor

14-08-09, 19:47
Still looking

This is a possibility

Liverpool - Halifax Nova Scotia arrival Jan 1903
ship: Tunisian steerage passenger
Born c1873 Lanark Scotland
Unable to read occupation
Destination: Sydney


14-08-09, 19:56

1906: to New Brunswick
William Black from Aberdeen
destinatio: Winnipeg

14-08-09, 20:04
Last one:
Arriving Quebec on the Empress of Ireland in 1909
occupation in UK draughtsman
Intended occupation in Canada farmer
? destination Manson
but is ditto marked as born in England

Off to watch EE now. Hope this helps even by excluding some.


14-08-09, 21:37
Bubblebelle - many thanks indeed for all your hard slog, but sadly these guys don't fit my William Black.

I have spent most of the afternoon trawling through the Passenger Lists on the archives of Canada, Christine, to no avail. Mind you, that is a fascinating website with a huge amount of info, despite being a bit iffy initially to navigate. Many thanks, Christine, I shall stick that on my favourites.

A family member tells me that this William Black could well have been as far as China, as this cable-ship company had their headquarters in Shanghi apparently. Gawd give me strength.............:(

I know all of this info is a little vague, but all of the folk on hubby's side of the family are sadly no longer with us and perhaps stories about this chap have become somewhat distorted over the years - Chinese Whispers (literally!)