View Full Version : Which online tree sharing program?

13-08-09, 11:20
Can anyone recommend an online resource (password protected) for tree sharing?

Elaine ..Spain
13-08-09, 11:29
Have a look at Tribal pages - there are varying accounts, one of which is a freebie.
Free Family Tree - TribalPages.com (http://tribalpages.com/)

13-08-09, 13:09
Yes I like Tribal pages.

I have 3 different trees on there - so I can keep them lines separate.

1 of which I have paid membership on as I wanted the extra features. I haven't had any contacts through them though.

I also have 2 public and 1 private on Ancestry - from which I have found quite a few contacts.

Then or course there's GR - I used to be a member but no longer - but did find quite a few contacts but not of late.

You can also upload your Gedcom here too.

Olde Crone Holden
13-08-09, 13:36
I have several trees on Tribal pages and I'm just about to start another one, lol!

I have had quite a few contacts on TP but all of the enquiring kind, no useful information coming my way.


13-08-09, 17:59
I used to get some really useful contacts through GR until several people attatched my entire tree to theirs. Now the hot match feature has become entirely useless.

13-08-09, 18:45
I find Ancestry very good, you only have who you want if you keep it private, its working out very well for me.