View Full Version : Do you have some time to spare with my Bowns?

Sue from Southend
12-08-09, 20:50
I thought I had my pre registration Bowns sorted as far as you can just using the IGI (I know I need to back it up to confirm etc but it's a starting point:D) but today I found an Ancestry tree that has interpreted things differently and I just wondered if someone else could have a look!

In 1851 John Bown (transcribed as Bownds)b 1787 Horsley, Gloucs. I have his possible/probable parents as Daniel Bown and Hannah Curtiss.

That's where it begins to get complicated - there are several generations each with a Daniel and a John plus other siblings with a Daniel and a John:o The Ancestry tree and I have just come up with different scenarios!

So, is there anyone who fancies having a stab at this? Please;)

13-08-09, 02:50
I just wondered, would it be worth while discussing the Ancestry tree you've found with its owner to see how their scenario was reached.

Oakum Picker
13-08-09, 08:30
Hi Sue,

I can't find the tree on Ancestry that you mentioned but if that is your John in 1851, then I have to agree with you that he is most likely the son of Daniel & Hannah as the only other 2 Johns I can see on the IGI were born 15 yrs or more earlier.

Sue from Southend
13-08-09, 09:40
Thanks for looking Glen, the Ancestry Tree doesn't have actually have John on it (sorry, I should have pointed that out) It does have Daniel but married to (H)Esther with the same parents that I've claimed for John and Margaret - the Daniel married to Hesther I have attributed to different parents - Thomas and Susannah. (John and Thomas were brothers)

John-Nihon is probably right, it would be best to discuss this with the tree owner but I just wanted to be sure in my own mind...