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12-08-09, 17:58
If you want to check for burials in the Manchester cemeteries this link should work
Genealogy Search (http://www.burialrecords.manchester.gov.uk/)

if you search for a person and then click on them when you have found them in the right hand colum it brings up who else is in the grave with them. I found it most useful the other day and it didnt cost me a penny!!!

12-08-09, 18:55
Thanks Angelina

Olde Crone Holden
12-08-09, 22:47
Oooh, I think I've found my 2 x GGM!

Unfortunately she seems to be in a common grave as I don't recognise any of the other people.

I wonder why - the family weren't badly off and could certainly have afforded a proper grave.

Thanks Angelina!


Olde Crone Holden
12-08-09, 23:34
OK, I can see I'm going to have to buy some credits!

There is a family which exactly parallels one of mine. Only problem is they are Roman Catholics and mine certainly weren't, or if they were, they kept it quiet.

I'm also getting some odd results - choose a name, open the grave record and he isn't listed????


Pat Hope
13-08-09, 09:42
The cemetery records are held at Manchester Local Archives. I can look up the burial details.