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12-08-09, 16:26
Since i have started looking into my family tree, my gran's second husband, john, has been asking me to search for his granparents, so i have agreed to help him.

He didnt have that much info but heres what i got

john's father is called Frederick Andrews, he has an older brother called william and a sister phylis.
Their parents are Lawrence Henry Andrews and a mother something o'shea (he doesnt know his granmothers name)
all he knows about her is her maiden name, o'shea, and that she died around 1914-1916, and that they lived in sandy road, llanelli.
He also thinks that lawrence henry andrews may have been from cornwall.
Lawrence died in 1950 at the age of 67, so im guessing he was born around 1883 and he was a retired steel worker at the time of his death.

I have been searching ancestry and have found nothing that matches.
Really need help with this

Elaine ..Spain
12-08-09, 16:34
Marriage registration

Marriages Jun 1906
Andrews Lawrence Henry
O'SHEA Sarah Elizabeth
Llanelly volume 11a, page 1780

Elaine ..Spain
12-08-09, 16:36
Possibly the birth registration for Lawrence Henry

Births Jun 1883
ANDREWS Lawrence Henry
Llanelly volume 11a, page 821

You would first need to get the marriage certificate of Lawrence Henry Andrews and Sarah O Shea. This would give you the approx age of the bride and groom and would also give the fathers' names and occupations.

Hopefully with that information we could find the family in the 1891 and 1901 census to see if the above birth registration looks like the right one.

Elaine ..Spain
12-08-09, 16:42
At a guess - and it is only a guess until you get the marriage certificate to confirm it - I would think this is probably Lawrence with his parents

in 1891 census
- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&db=uki1891wales%2c&rank=0&gsfn=lawrence&gsln=andrews&sx=&gsco=&s0RealGL=UKICen&f1=&f2=&f5=&f18=&rg_81004011__date=&rs_81004011__date=2&f14=&f15=&_8000C002=&_80008002=&_80018002=&f7=&f8=&f9=&gskw=Llanelly&prox=1&ti=5538&ti.si=0&gss=angs-d&pcat=UKICEN&fh=0&h=226048&recoff=1+3)

in 1901 census
- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&db=uki1901wales%2c&rank=0&gsfn=lawrence&gsln=andrews&sx=&gsco=&s0RealGL=UKICen&f1=&f2=&f5=&f18=&rg_81004011__date=&rs_81004011__date=2&f14=&f15=&_8000C002=&_80008002=&_80018002=&f7=&f8=&f9=&gskw=Llanelly&prox=1&ti=5538&ti.si=0&gss=angs-d&pcat=UKICEN&fh=0&h=32620311&recoff=1+2)

Elaine ..Spain
12-08-09, 16:44
A possible death for Sarah Elizabeth Andrews (nee OShea)

Deaths Dec 1918
Andrews Sarah E age at death 36
Llanelly volume 11a page 1867

colin taylor
12-08-09, 16:45
The family appear to be living at 24 Mina St. in Dafen in 1901 RG 13 5088

12-08-09, 16:49
thank you elaine and colin

may i ask what website you use, as i can never seem to find what i want on ancestry

Elaine ..Spain
12-08-09, 16:55
I used free BMD and put in the name Lawrence Henry Andrews - select all types of certificates which showed his possible birth registration and possible marriage.
The marriage registration gave me the name of his wife Sarah E O Shea
FreeBMD - Search (http://freebmd.rootsweb.com/cgi/search.pl)

I also used freeBMD to get the death for Sarah Elizabeth Andrews.

Using the possible year of birth for Lawrence I did a search on Ancestry 1891 and 1901 census Wales for a Lawrence Andrews born c1883 +/- two years - which brought up the entries in Llanelly.

Elaine ..Spain
12-08-09, 17:03
If the 1891 and 1901 census that I have found turn out to be the right ones, then it might be worth contacting the owner of this tree on Ancestry as he seems to be following the same family line.

You will see on the following link that he has William Henry Coker Andrews born 1855 Northam Devon married to Emily Jane Bear, with five children recorded namely William, Ernest, Beatrice, Lawrence and Arthur - which match the names on the 1891 census.


You can contact the owner via Ancestry by clicking on the owner's name at the top of the page (dougblack12)

12-08-09, 17:15
thanks, i have contacted him

and thanks for the freeBMD link, i will try using that aswell from now on

16-08-09, 20:25
i have now been asked to search for

Timothy o'shea (shea, shee) orn 1801 in cork, ireland
married to
mary born cork, ireland in around 1824
Timothy born london 1855
catherine born llanelli 1860
margaret born llanelli 1862
dennis born llanelli 1866
and patrick born llanelli 1868

found them on the 1881 census living with the three youngest
Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?rank=1&new=1&MSAV=0&msT=1&gss=angs-c&gsfn=timothy&gsln=shea&_81004010=1801&msbpn=91915&msbpn__ftp=Cork%2c+Cork%2c+Ireland&msrpn=1651522&msrpn__ftp=Llanelli%2c+Carmarthenshire%2c+Wales&_80018000=mary&_83004003-n_xcl=f&pcat=1881UKI&h=1060326&recoff=1+2+65&db=uki1881wales&indiv=1)

But cant find them on any other census

Elaine ..Spain
16-08-09, 20:46
RG9; Piece: 4111; Folio: 39; Page: 26;
- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&db=uki1861wales%2c&rank=0&gsfn=catherine&gsln=&sx=&gsco=&s0RealGL=UKICen&f1=&f2=&f5=&f18=&rg_81004011__date=1860&rs_81004011__date=2&f14=&f15=&_8000C002=tim*&_80008002=&_80018002=&f7=&f8=&f9=&gskw=&prox=1&ti=5538&ti.si=0&gss=angs-d&pcat=UKICEN&fh=10&h=13825137&recoff=1+37)

Elaine ..Spain
16-08-09, 20:47
RG10; Piece: 5465; Folio: 109; Page: 40
- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&db=uki1871wales%2c&rank=0&gsfn=catherine&gsln=&sx=&gsco=&s0RealGL=UKICen&f1=&f2=&f5=&f18=&rg_81004011__date=1860&rs_81004011__date=2&f14=&f15=&_8000C002=tim*&_80008002=&_80018002=&f7=&f8=&f9=&gskw=&prox=1&ti=5538&ti.si=0&gss=angs-d&pcat=UKICEN&fh=10&h=7112045&recoff=1+38)

16-08-09, 21:15
RG10; Piece: 5465; Folio: 109; Page: 40
- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&db=uki1871wales%2c&rank=0&gsfn=catherine&gsln=&sx=&gsco=&s0RealGL=UKICen&f1=&f2=&f5=&f18=&rg_81004011__date=1860&rs_81004011__date=2&f14=&f15=&_8000C002=tim*&_80008002=&_80018002=&f7=&f8=&f9=&gskw=&prox=1&ti=5538&ti.si=0&gss=angs-d&pcat=UKICEN&fh=10&h=7112045&recoff=1+38)

i did see those, but didnt think it was them
as the father, timothy's age is different

theres also a child thomas, Davey and Barkley although they may have died or moved by 1881?

Elaine ..Spain
16-08-09, 21:25
I wondered if the Davey and Barkley in the 1871 census are nicknames for Dennis and Patrick in the 1881.
Actually if you look at the image of the 1871 I think the Barkley name actually starts with a P, rather than B.

The Thomas in 1871 matches the Thomas in the 1861 census.

As for the ages of the parents - quite normal for ages to vary between census! :)

Elaine ..Spain
16-08-09, 21:30
Leah, you will often find you get a census like the 1871 above, where you are not sure if it is the right family as not all the info matches exactly.
What you need to do is to see if you can match it up to any other family in other censuses, so as to eliminate them from the one you are trying to find.
If you cannot eliminate them then they could well be yours! Always check the address to see if you can see a match (which I don´t think there is in this case), check occupations (which I think match here) - in fact check every little bit of information you have, e.g. children´s years and places of birth etc.

16-08-09, 23:12
ah ok thank you