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11-08-09, 21:21
I'm checking on my dutch side, and these occupations keep coming up - I have a rough idea of what they might be, but would be grateful if someone could give a true translation - armmeester, buurmeester and schout van Bruchem.



12-08-09, 02:15
I did a little google and I guess I've probably come up with what you may already have:

armmeester - master of arms

buurmeester - neighbouring master

schout van Bruchem - In Dutch speaking areas, a schout was a local official appointed to carry out administrative, law enforcement and prosecutorial tasks.

So I guess official of Bruchem

12-08-09, 06:45
Hi Linda,

These are names of old professions.

An armmeester or armenmeester was an overseer of the poor.

A buurmeester was an overseer of a district. Depending on the time period and the area of the country, he would be responsible for administrative and legal matters, such as collecting and distributing taxes, ensuring that farmers kept their ditches open, etc.

A schout was a sheriff or bailiff. He was an administrative official who was usually the head of the court and the police in a town or district, particularly as a public prosecutor. More here: Schout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schout)

schout van Bruchem means "sherrif of Bruchem".
Bruchem is a village in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Nowadays it is in the municipality of Zaltbommel. Here is a page which you may find useful: Trace your Dutch roots: Genealogy in Gelderland (http://www.traceyourdutchroots.com/prov/gld.html) There are also some useful links in the Wiki: The Netherlands - Family Tree Forum (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/The_Netherlands)

12-08-09, 10:14
Thanks Cloggie, my dutch is not up to much. A large part of my family came from Gelderland -it's interesting how often the names are mentioned there - also cousins married cousins etc. so the tree is getting nicely confusing! I think one of my relations was the first mayor of Bruchem but still working on that!


12-08-09, 10:47
You're welcome. Glad I could help. :)

I've just been looking at Province Gelderland - internet (http://www.geneaknowhow.net/digi/geld-ei.html) to see what's available online for Bruchem, and one of the things it led me to Bommelerwaard Archives (http://www.streekarchiefbommelerwaard.nl/) which actually has parish register scans online! :)

This link should take you to the parish registers for Bruchem: Streekarchief Bommelerwaard (http://www.streekarchiefbommelerwaard.nl/index.php?Itemid=188&option=com_genealogie_inzien&gemeente=BC&registertype=dtb&search=Toon+registers)
Click on the little eyes to view the scans.
They don't appear to be indexed, so it's a matter of browsing the images.

I think NH stands for Nederlands Hervormd, which means Dutch Reformed (i.e. Protestant)
Doop = baptisms
Trouw = marriages
Begraaf = burials
Lidmaten = members

12-08-09, 10:55
If you would like to see old photos of Bruchem, go to Gelderland in Beeld (http://www.gelderlandinbeeld.nl/)
Then click on "zoek" (= search) at the top. Under "Kies een plaats:" (= select a village/town), select Bruchem. :)
Click on a small image, and it should open a pop-up with a bigger image. Sometimes they open up blank, but in that case if I leave the pop-up open but click back onto the main page, and then click back on the pop-up the image is visible.
You can also purchase full-size downloads or prints through the site, by clicking on "bestel" at the top of the pop-up page with the image.

12-08-09, 11:17
Thanks Sarah, they are fascinating - will have a good look at them later as I must get on with some work now - (How dare it take up research time!!)Like the one of the school as one of my rellies was listed as teacher.