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09-08-09, 14:24
Can anyone give me a rough guess on when these photos may have been taken?



10-08-09, 02:18

Meridian Line
10-08-09, 08:39
Hi Cheryl,

you might have to be patient, some of our experts may be away on holiday.

I've got a couple of books on dating old photos, & I would date the school one late 1890s to early 1900s. Its all about the sleeves, hairstyle, & lace on the collar.

I'm not enough of an expert to date the second one, older women didn't keep up with the fashions, so its more difficult to date them, I'm sure an expert will be along soon.

Rachel Scand
10-08-09, 09:47
Just having a look for M Pearlmann ~ photographer

1901 Maurice Pearlmann is at 71 Cumberland St, Glasgow

1891 ~ he's at 231 New City Road

and 1881 he's in Lancashire

ho hum ~ not much help with the date then !

Just Barbara
10-08-09, 11:29
Hi, I'm going to go for 1900ish for both photos, the teachers clothes and the little girl in the sailor suit seem to fit that era, and in the 2nd photo it's more the children and the younger of the ladies. I love the doll which must have been so expensive and the fact that she and her owner appear to have matching bonnets..

10-08-09, 13:39
Thanks for all your help, I'll have to have a look through my notes and identify the people in the photo now :)

10-08-09, 16:21
last photo the girl is holding a large doll its sat on back of chair,you can tell the face of the doll.brenda xxx

10-08-09, 23:08
Googled the address -

There was a Drummond Shiels photographic studio at 49 Jamaica Street Glasgow. It is listed under the following names:

- 1902-03 J Drummond Shields (1)

- 1903-14+ James Drummond Shiels, junior (2)

James Drummond Shiels + T Drummond Shiels (http://www.edinphoto.org.uk/pp_n/pp_shiels.htm)

And a rootweb post from 1998

RootsWeb: SCOTLAND-GENWEB-L Manson, Mary of DNB: c.1910 photographers? (http://listsearches.rootsweb.com/th/read/SCOTLAND-GENWEB/1998-02/0886741832)