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Geoff Devon
14-07-09, 11:27
If anyone would like a Devon lookup I'm in Exeter at the Records Office every day at the moment and will be until I notify otherwise.

Please be aware that some Plymouth and Torbay areas are unfortunately excluded as they are unitary authorities so their records are elsewhere, BUT some Plymouth and Torbay microfiche records are at Exeter anyway(!), so please ask! Also some areas of North and West Devon are covered by other Records Offices. See the map below for parishes....


Feel free to PM me!
Please feel free to give me as many details as possible!

N.B. If you find a BMD place named on FreeBMD or Ancestry it is a Registration District and not the parish. Please try and help me by having a look at the censi first and seeing around where they lived to give me more of an idea for the parish to look at! Registration Districts can have upwards of 40 parishes in them!

vikki brace
14-07-09, 17:23
Oooo, I will be going through my husbands tree when daughter is in bed, so I might be taking you up on this offer


Geoff Devon
14-07-09, 18:00
Please do Vikki, I'm a bit bored with my tree at the mo!
Like the Avatar!

14-07-09, 20:25
Hello Geoff,

Thank you for the kind offer.

I wonder if I might ask you to verify some information for me.

I will PM you :)

Bev Nicholes
14-07-09, 20:37
Thank you for your kind offer, I'll send you a PM :)

Cherry Too
14-07-09, 22:08
have sent you a pm.

thank you for your offer


Geoff Devon
15-07-09, 16:56
Some of the first (mixed) results are in. I have PMed everyone concerned.
Geoff. :)

15-07-09, 21:08
Thank you so much Geoff...

have replied to your PM

Durham Lady
15-07-09, 23:05
Thank you so much Geoff, I'd give you a big hug if you were here :) I've replied to your PM too.

Aussie Girl
16-07-09, 02:47
Hi Geoff,
Thanks for your kind offer. I will PM you.

Aussie Girl

16-07-09, 03:06
Hi Geoff,
Thank you too for the offer. I have also pm you.


Bev Nicholes
16-07-09, 17:32
Hi Geoff

Thank you again so much :) sent you a PM


Harrys mum
17-07-09, 04:54
Thank you Geoff,

You have solved a long time mystery for me.

Harrys mum
17-07-09, 08:03
Geoff...you may have opened a can of worms......lol

I have been googling for one of the names you found for a bride for me (Grace Mudge) who married John Mitchelmore. Found a site which has her on it (looks like there was a Mudge/ Mitchelmore marriage a century earlier..lol).
They are on my husband's side.


The site has also has my lot, so looks like somewhere back there my husband and I are related......

If you knew my kids, you'd say you weren't surprised..lol

Now you may have to move into the records office and sort it for me......lol

17-07-09, 09:37
Thanks for the very kind offer I will pm you


Joy Dean
18-07-09, 14:26
Very kind of you, thank you. I shall send a PM to you.

18-07-09, 22:52
Hi Geoff
I have sent you a PM and would like to thank you for your kind offer.

19-07-09, 12:25
Hi Geoff

Thank you for this offer.
Will pm you

19-07-09, 12:38
Hi Geoff

Have sent you a PM. Thanks for the offer you are very kind.

Geoff Devon
21-07-09, 18:09
Some more answers will be posted tomorrow. I have found more for some lucky poeple!

Joy Dean
22-07-09, 13:33
Thank you very much, I do appreciate your kindness.

Have sent another PM.

brentor boy
22-07-09, 15:09

Have posted PM in hope you are still in the look-up business. Thanks.

Tom Tom
22-07-09, 22:39
Hi Geoff,

Not sure if you are still going to the RO, but if you do and have a spare few minutes would you please be able to get me a transcript of the wedding of:

Stowe Margaret Temple and William Henry Hugo who married 11 June 1839 in Crediton.

Thanks for you kind offer; you have certainly helped a lot of people :)

23-07-09, 02:44
Thanks Geoff. You've found 3 nerw siblings for me.

I've already found out one died as his will is on TNA website.

The 2 girls are going to prove a bit more difficult.

Geoff Devon
23-07-09, 17:46
Hope I have replied to everyone now? If not I'm always up for more!

Geoff (aka Sherlock or Hercule!)

23-07-09, 17:48
Thanks Geoff from a VERY happy Carole

Geoff Devon
27-07-09, 14:04
Will be doing more lookups Tuesday

Joy Dean
27-07-09, 14:34
Brilliant! I'll look forward to more and shall check with my OH to see if he has any more puzzles to be solved (he being almost 100% Devon and Cornwall :))

Geoff Devon
29-07-09, 10:41
Gimme! Gimme! Joy! :)

Doing some now. :cool:

Joy Dean
29-07-09, 12:16
Gimme! Gimme! Joy! :)

Doing some now. :cool:

Thanks. :)

Joy Dean
29-07-09, 18:09
Thank you very much.

29-07-09, 22:20
I am trying to find the parish records re birth/baptism for Richard SATTERLY who according to 1851 census was born 1833 Exeter. These details also appear on records in Australia and on Mariner Records in OZ. The Census was in the parish of St Thomas however however a search of tese records proved negative. Can you help please?

Joy Dean
20-08-09, 18:11
If you are still able to do look ups, please could you help with -

Any SALTER or STONEMAN marriages at North Molton, South Molton or Chittlehampton between 1810 and 1817.

Thanks in anticipation :)

Joy Dean
30-08-09, 13:55
Just wondering if Geoff is okay as have not seen him for a while.

Elaine ..Spain
30-08-09, 14:01
He was on site a couple of nights ago, Joy.

Joy Dean
30-08-09, 14:27
He was on site a couple of nights ago, Joy.

Thank you.

Geoff Devon
30-08-09, 19:24
Away on holiday at the mo, will be back in Devon in a few weeks time.....:)

Love to all, Geoff.

30-10-09, 01:23

Linda Freeman
02-11-09, 12:16
Hi, Has anyone heard from Geoff?

02-11-09, 23:45
Hope he's ok & relaxing on some exotic beach!

Joy Dean
04-11-09, 15:50
Is anyone in contact with Geoff? Am becoming quite concerned about his welfare.

Lancashire Lass
04-11-09, 17:00
Hi, Has anyone heard from Geoff?

Hope he's ok & relaxing on some exotic beach!

Is anyone in contact with Geoff? Am becoming quite concerned about his welfare.

Hi all I'm Geoff's 6th cousin & he is ok.:)

Joy Dean
05-11-09, 08:14
Hi all I'm Geoff's 6th cousin & he is ok.:)

Thank you very much for letting us know. I am glad that all is well.

05-11-09, 11:46
Hi all I'm Geoff's 6th cousin & he is ok.:)

Thank you...that's a relief!! Glad all is ok...:smilee:

Geoff Devon
12-11-09, 10:49
Sorry Peeps. Have taken a brief rest from lookups as Devon Records Office have changed their computer organistaion which makes life a little more difficult for me in that you have to relogin.....every hour.

Will be back on the case next week.


Kaz in a Tizz
19-11-09, 22:49
Hi Geoff

How kind of you to offer to do these look ups. When you get the time please could you look up a marriage for me! :smilee:

John Trevethan m Mary Ann Hockin 28th July 1828 Stoke Damerel. I would be grateful to know if they were batchelor/spinsters and 'of parish' or not and the names of witnesses.

Many thanks in advance

Kaz :smilee:

20-11-09, 11:01
Hi Geoff, if your offer still stands would appreciate any help in proving my great grandfather,
Current thread George Farnell c.1874 .

If you need anything more please let me know.


james collins
20-11-09, 11:10
Hi. I was recently there, a couple of weeks ago, (such helpful and friendly people!) I was looking for anything on Captain Arthur Henry Scott of Priorton House, Sandford. Possibly died in 1942 in the Honiton area aged 77. If you happen to notice anything with that name on it can you make a note for me? I couldn’t find anything at all! (I have marriage details and the birth was in Croydon, but if you see anything in any burial or death records…) Many thanks.

20-11-09, 15:14
Hello Geoff
I will understand if you don't want to take this on as I cannot provide much information. My gr. grandmother LAVINIA DYSON according to Census's was born PLYMOUTH in 1863 her sister Rebecca in 1859.
The parents were BENJAMIN and Jane DYSON (nee ROACH) when Jane died in 1865 the address was 10 Bath Street, Plymouth. Benjamins occupation would possibly be that of Shoemaker.
There are no records for the births of Lavinia and Rebecca so it is possible
that they were never registered, or that these were destroyed during the blitz.
I know it is a long shot but, if you come across any records of these two births during your research, I would be ever so grateful if you could make a note for me

Thanks goodyg.

22-02-11, 08:34
Looking for the birth of a John Gould abt 1778. Could be Bickleigh nr Plymouth (this is first option), Tavistock or Demarel. Only info I can confirm is that he married Elizabeth Clatworthy in Lyme Regis, Dorset 26 Sept1803 and I believe he died 1847 Oxford, Berkshire, England. Do not have parents. This is the info I am seeking. Sorry, know John Gould is a common name.
regards, Cheryl

16-03-11, 04:26
Geoff -
Are you still looking up Devon parish records? I have several, but one or two in particular - those are from Crediton, the others from Honiton. I have birthdates (at least month and year) for all of them, but am uncertain of their baptisms.


16-03-11, 07:48
Geoff hasn't been back to the forum since November 2009, try asking on the Exeter thread, Sunny Rosy is a very active member.