View Full Version : Could someone restore these donkeys please?

Joy Lewis
17-05-09, 22:40
This is a photo from 1919 of my Dad and his brother on donkeys at Scarborough. Could someone please restore it in sepia? :)

18-05-09, 09:55
How's this?


18-05-09, 11:56
What a gorgeous photo!

Just Barbara
18-05-09, 12:18
I agree with Pam, what a fabulous photo!, I'm green with envy....:o

18-05-09, 12:18
OMG 1919 Bet my Nana and Grandad are somewhere on that beach ;;;lovely photo Joy

Joy Lewis
18-05-09, 12:24
Wendy, that's really lovely - thank you so much! It's one of my favourite photos I must admit, and it's going on a scrapbook page with other photos of us as little girls on donkeys - not much changes!:)

18-05-09, 16:02
I am a bit rusty and not supposed to be doing restoration work because of my RSI and I am paying for it now, hopfuly I can start to do more photos when I am better.



hope you like them i can remove the frames if you want and change anythink you want.

Joy Lewis
18-05-09, 17:41
Thank you Brian - they look great! Sorry to hear about your RSI though. I'm keeping the sepia look, and will be mounting it on to a scrap book page, so do you think you could remove the frame from that one? Thanks very much again. :)

18-05-09, 20:38
Hi Joy

Here you go


Joy Lewis
18-05-09, 23:02
Thanks Brian. That's great.

Rachel Scand
19-05-09, 09:58
Sticking plaster, grapes and cheese for Brian + sympathy
I know how debilitating RSI can be and you can/'t photoshop it better ! :(



19-05-09, 10:06
Thanks Rachel,

I work on computers all day then I come home and use them more, and i don't mind pain but both my arms and hands have real bad pain, photoshop photo restoration just makes it 10 times as bad, so I have to take it easy, I am gutted because I like to help people and love photo restoration.

and thanks again for your kind thoughts

19-05-09, 19:07
Hi Brian
What are the symptoms for RSI ?
My doctor said I had carpal tunnel and I have had cortisone injections but they have not helped, I get "pins and needles" and numbness.