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Julia Stonehouse
01-05-09, 11:57
Hello all,

I am planning to visit Burton on Trent Family History Section in their main library in order to try to confirm LDS igi index leads on the Stonehouse family. So far I have Samuel Stonehouse born about 1825 in Burton upon Trent who moved to Manchester and I have the marriage certificate to confirm he wed Mary Stretton. My question is how would I best prepare for my visit to Burton Library? What records can I expect to find there?

Many thanks,

Julia (a complete novice at Family history research!):confused:

Margaret in Burton
01-05-09, 12:39
Hi Julia

I live in Burton.

Where abouts in Burton did he live. You will need to know that to decide which parish register to look at in the library.
They do have them on film.

Margaret in Burton
01-05-09, 12:40
Also, is there anything I can help with?

Where are you now, I could perhaps save you the trip.

Julia Stonehouse
01-05-09, 13:50
Hi Margaret,

I'm on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border so not far away from Burton on Trent. On the LDS IGI index it just says Samuel Stonehouse, Christening 27 MAY 1821, Burton Upon Trent, Stafford, England. No name of a church is given but the Parents are named as Samuel Stonehouse and Mary. This would correspond with the census returns for him over the years. I suppose I am just curious to how far back I can go with my family name, so my first instinct was to go to Burton where he was born! Any tips on researching earlier than the census returns or BMD indeces started would be gratefully recieved!

Many thanks,


Margaret in Burton
01-05-09, 14:51
I'll have to check, going out in a minute, but I think it will be St Modwen's in the Market Place. That's going by the date as most of the others churches weren't built then. The only other one it probably could be Holy Trinity which has now been demolished.

Burton Library do have parish registers on film but they only have two film readers in the local studies library. Best to book and not have a wasted journey.

Julia Stonehouse
01-05-09, 15:15
Thank you Margaret - I will book ahead and try to decifer how to use the microfiche machine!! I've also been trying to cross reference the 1841 census addresses for what I believe to be my Stonehouse's with the LDS IGI index too, so I may be able to come up with some more information on areas they lived in.


Margaret in Burton
01-05-09, 17:13
Well if you tell me the addresses in Burton I can tell you for certain what parishes they were in.
It should say the parish on census anyway.

Margaret in Burton
01-05-09, 20:00
I've been investigating churches and when they were built.

St Modwens from the 1500's

Holy Trinity in Horninglow Street was opened in 1824. Now demolished.

Christ Church wasn't built until 1844, so that is out.

St Paul's wasn't opened until 1865 as a mission and then as St Paul's not until 1872.

St Margaret's wasn't opened until 1881, now demolished.

All Saints didn't open until 1905.

I think you will be looking at St Modwen's, with a slim chance of Holy Trinity.

Do you know what addresses you have?

Margaret in Burton
01-05-09, 20:07

In case you don't already have it:

From our Wiki

Burton Family and History Centre Home Page (http://www.staffordshire.gov.uk/leisure/archives/burtoncentre/)

Julia Stonehouse
01-05-09, 20:16
Sorry for the delayed reply Margaret - I am currently getting more and more confused by dates and can't seem to think logically at the moment! I will get back to you soon with addresses if I can trace Samuel Stonehouse's siblings on the 1841 census (a big if at the moment!).


Julia Stonehouse
01-05-09, 20:17
And thank you so much for the information too!

Margaret in Burton
01-05-09, 20:26
I've just searched for Stonehouse in 1841 in the Burton area.

We are pushing the boundaries a bit. Some in the centre of Burton and some on the outskirts, Rolleston, Tutbury and Branston.

Not really a problem as far as the parish registers go in the library but you need to be clear where you want or you will be there all day.

Margaret in Burton
01-05-09, 20:28
I do think though, if the IGI says Burton on Trent then it will be St Modwens. St Modwens is the oldest church in the area and known as the parish church.

Margaret in Burton
01-05-09, 20:32
Just checked the National Burial Index out for Burton. All Stonehouse burials are St Modwens. Mind you only 3 parishes are on the NBI.

I'll PM you all the names on the NBI Julia, they may come in useful.