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19-04-09, 20:57
- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&db=uki1851&rank=1&new=1&MSAV=1&msT=1&gss=angs-d&gsfn=Edwin&gsln=Riddiford&sbo=0&ne=6&pcat=35&fh=0&h=7703863&recoff=1+2)

This is him in 1851. (I did post this earlier to confirm I was on the right track!)

And this is him with new wife in 1861

- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&db=uki1861&rank=1&new=1&MSAV=1&msT=1&gss=angs-d&gsfn=Edwin&gsln=Riddiford&sbo=0&ne=6&pcat=35&fh=1&h=16270564&recoff=1+2)

This looks like first wife's death
Ann Riddiford
1856; Oct-Nov-Dec
Gloucestershire, Wiltshire
Vol: 6a Page: 108

And this looks like the second marriage
Harriet Compton 1853 Gloucestershire *****
Edwin Riddiford 1853 Gloucestershire ******
Ellen Surman 1853 Gloucestershire
William Yeend 1853

So either he married before Ann died or I've got the wrong death or marriage:confused:

Can anyone see any other possible deaths or marriages?

If not do I need to order both certs to try and establish what has happened or will one be enough?;)

Olde Crone Holden
19-04-09, 21:27
Personally, I'd order both!


Christine in Herts
19-04-09, 21:36
Have you had a look to see which brides/grooms were together in 1861 - or, rather, whether you can match William and Ellen OK to rule out a William-Harriet match?

Have you tried to see what historical records are available for the Gloucestershire Police? That route has been very fruitful for me: City of London, Surrey, and Hampshire. You may get a description. You should get info about the career (including any misdemeanours - which were found out, anyway!).

As for your initial question. It certainly looks iffy. Divorce was expensive (it required an Act of Parliament), so many people just separated and adopted new relationships - with or without formal marriage.


Christine in Herts
19-04-09, 21:38
Sorry :o

Just found this by googling:

Clive Emsley and Ian Bridgeman have performed a great service in bringing out this comprehensive guide to the police archives of England and Wales, and revealing the wide range that these cover. Given the ravages of time, police mergers, weeders and weevils, coverage is necessarily uneven so that, for example, nothing survives in the Gloucester police archives which dates from before 1929 whereas Cambridge has records going back to 1822.
Forward by the Patron of the Police History Society (http://www.open.ac.uk/Arts/history/policing/police-archives-guide/forward.htm)


19-04-09, 21:50
Boo! What a shame has thought that was a good line to follow up.:(

Will finish my glass of wine and order the certs I think;)

19-04-09, 21:59
Have checked and William Yeend (what a great name!!) is married to Ellen in 1861 with plenty of children.

What makes me laugh is he is the Police Superintendent surely he should be behaving in a rather more respectable manner;)

Altho his son, also in the police, appears to desert his wife and high tail off to Canada so perhaps this runs in the family!

Olde Crone Holden
19-04-09, 22:20

A twiglet in my family was a police inspector. His wife ran a pub and his 13 year old niece was employed there as a servant.

13 year old niece produces a baby....wife dies, the 44 year old police inspector married the 14 year old niece and they had umpty more children. By 1881 he is a publican again and in his will he leaves a wadge to "my natural son John by my wife Ann". (The niece)

OOOH, the scandal!


19-04-09, 22:26
Ohh he's going on my list for Probate look ups at the weekend then!

What a tangled web they weave!:D

Merry Monty Montgomery
19-04-09, 22:41
The marriage of Edwin Riddiford (of Cirencester) to Harriet Compton (of Gloucester) is reported in The Bristol Mercury, Saturday, October 29, 1853.

Merry Monty Montgomery
19-04-09, 22:44
...........and the death of Ann Riddiford is also reported, but she was the wife of Mr James Riddiford of Wootton-under-Edge. (She was 51 and the date of death was Nov 17th.) The edition was The Bristol Mercury, Saturday, November 22, 1856.

Night Owl
20-04-09, 00:50
There is a death for Ann Rediford in Gloster Q/E Sep 1852 which may be your Ann

20-04-09, 06:51
The Bristol Mercury October 29th 1853
Mr Edwin Riddiford of Cirencester to Miss Harriet Compton of Gloucester

20-04-09, 06:55
according to a report in the same paper dated 1843 he was Sergeant Edwin Riddiford of Thornbury

Uncle John
20-04-09, 16:43
...........and the death of Ann Riddiford is also reported, but she was the wife of Mr James Riddiford of Wootton-under-Edge.

Wotton-under-Edge has one O (well 2 if you are being picky) and is in Dursley registration district.

Merry Monty Montgomery
20-04-09, 18:12
and is in Dursley registration district

and it needed to be to fit with the deah reg found! It was probably me, rather than the paper, who wrote "Wootton".

20-04-09, 18:49
have you seen the write up about Edwin and his 3 wives on the Thornbury village website ? or possably 4

20-04-09, 19:22
Thank you all very very much! :)*Goes off to google to find the article*

20-04-09, 19:37
Could Edwins wife Anns death be registered in her maiden name
Ann White Dec Qua 1852 Thornbury

20-04-09, 20:48
I guess that is a possibility.

I have been in touch with the website owner of the article and have got contact details from him for another Riddiford researcher so thank you very much!:)

14-08-10, 11:31
I think the death for wife Ann is the one for Ann Rediford rather than Ann White. The family were living in Barton St Michael (ie Gloucester) at that time.

Edwin married a third time: Ann Susanna Hickman (1873 1Q Cheltenham 6a 632). She married William Marshall (1879 4Q Gloucester 6a 499) after Edwin died in 1876 and lived on till 1916.

The children of Edwin and (first) Ann were a strange bunch, flip-flopping between law enforcement and law-breaking. Aaron worked as a police office rising to be a Superintendent at one time. As Clare records he did a runner to Canada after embezzling money from Birmingham Council. Thomas, his younger brother, shadowed Aaron's career as a police officer and even followed him to Birmingham. He also seems to have taken money from the city coffers too, only three years earlier - he was charged with theft. He reappears in Aberdare in 1881 as a tailor and passes on the following year.

Meanwhile, sister Emma was domestic servant and a kleptomaniac. She kept stealing from her employer. Charges were brought for 22 Mar 1854, 21 Aug 1854, 25 Jun 1855, 9 Nov 1856.

Another brother, Nigel at the age of 10, was charged with breaking and entering and theft of 1/6d and 9d in copper (5/29 Mar 1856). He was acquitted.

Other brothers, John Raymond and James, were also a police officers, but appear to have had an exemplary records, though both died in their 30s.

There were 12 children altogether. Three, Ann, Edwin and Arthur Walter disappear from the public record at an early stage, as does Nigel. They may have emigrated or be recorded under different names/spellings.

Somerset Sal
14-08-10, 16:26
Have you seen this page?


Little Nell
14-08-10, 21:08
OMG! Is this Superintendent Riddiford? He's the chap who investigated the death of Sarah Moss, who had her throat cut by my gt x 3 uncle William Mealing in Rendcombe, Gloucestershire in 1862!

According to the newspaper reports I have, Sarah had asked Mr Riddiford to get more maintenance money from the father of her 3-year-old illegitimate daughter. It says Mr Riddiford was in the habit of receiving the money from the father and handing it over to Sarah.

At the time of her death, Sarah was heavily pregnant with William's child. He was found innocent on the grounds of insanity (although he's named as murderer on Sarah's death cert) and spent the rest of his life in Broadmoor.

14-08-10, 21:47
John has joined the site to get in touch with Clare - he had found her article from last year in the magazine!!


It looks as though there are some other unexpected connections. Isn't google great! :)

15-08-10, 01:45
Wow! I'm on holiday at the moment and picked up the messages by email, I will come back to everyone when I am back in the UK