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19-04-09, 14:41
Anyone any ideas on getting forward with this:

Frederick Edward Dunt (b 1854) had among his off spring son William E Dunt (b 1860, d 1916) and daughter Celia Annie b 1882.

William had a son Albert Henry Dunt b 1901. And Celia married Henry Clarke and had a daughter Edith b also 1901.

Now due to William’s early death and for some other reason cousins Albert and Edith were raised by the grandparents.

Anyway Edith married a publican George W Savill (e) in 1919 in Paddington. They had a pub in north London. He lived until the 1950s if not later.

But – sorry to be soooo long winded – I can find no reference to George or Edith after their wedding. I’ve tried various pub type lists but nothing.

Anyone know of any sources that I might try? I thought being a landlord and recent it would be easy :D. I also met them when I was a baby – should have asked for the details then but I think I was hungry at the time

19-04-09, 14:57
Dont know the name of the pub I suppose? or where in north London? Would anyone remember?, then you could try street directories.

( I am thinking older cousins or someone like that)

19-04-09, 15:07
Jess it must have been near Paddington but everything else is vague. The Dunt family were frequently short lived and my grandad Albert was blown up in the war (driving a bus in Watford). Sadly all living relations if there are any have long ago broken contact.

Little Nell
19-04-09, 16:36
Does the marriage cert give his address? My mother-in-law's address on her birth cert looks like an ordinary street address, but it was actually a pub.

You could try checking street directories to see if the address was a pub.

19-04-09, 17:13
Sadly Nell it isn't. I was really hoing they had inherited the pub through the Savill line but I've drawn a blank so far.

My mother, a dunt, remembers the pub but cannot recall a name or location beyond North London. My mother always recalls someone called 'Queenie' and I had hoped the pub might have been called 'Queen Mary' or the like and thus was called 'Queenie' but my mother for some reason is certain it was not called Queen anything but sadly she cannot come up with a name.

One possible hope was a pub in Percy Road, Kilburn NW6 (now redeveloped) where there was a connection but whether the dunts simply drank there, worked there, or owned it is hidden in the mists of time.

I'll hunt the trade directories and hope I strike lucky.

Hope your Dunts are not proving as troublesome.

ps their roots in Halstead Essex are becoming much clearer so I'll make that leap to Norfolk before too long :cool:

Olde Crone Holden
19-04-09, 18:01

(Are your dates correct? Frederick born 1854 cannot have had a son William born in 1860!)

Phone books and electoral rolls, street directories, are the standard search tools for 20th century research although most of this is not on line, unfortunately, and you really would need an address before you started seaching, other than for phone books.


19-04-09, 18:07
Here's a site I have used to look for London pubs for my OH's gradnfather who ran several in the east London area. London, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Suffolk & Sussex Pubs, Inns, Taverns & Beer Houses History & Trade Directory. (http://londonpublichouse.com/)

19-04-09, 18:41
OCH it's not me dotes, it's me toping :D 1880 might seem better me thinks.

Margaret tx but been there and found it useful and interesting - but not for Mr Savill sadly.

Well I guess I'm in for the long road but I thought I'd ask just incase there was an alternative publican list for London. O what fun ;)

Olde Crone Holden
19-04-09, 18:58
I would expect a publican to leave a Will. First step is to identify his death.

Did he have any children? If so, one of their birth certs might give you an address to follow up.


19-04-09, 21:23
OHC no children and I cannot find either of their deaths. I know they are dead: George late 60sw and Edith some time later.
Now a will.......I wonder ;)

Olde Crone Holden
19-04-09, 21:32

when you say you cannot find their deaths - where have you looked? You will need death dates to find Wills, otherwise it becomes an expensive search.


20-04-09, 10:35
OCH I haven't hunted a will yet. I'll try and get my mother to dig deeper into her brain. I will get a large plate of fresh cream cakes and place them just out of her reach. Seems to get the best results :D

Trouble is my mother always says "I should have asked them more and taken more notice - any chance of a cup of tea?"

But just occassionally she comes up with a gem :)