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18-04-09, 20:40
Can anyone work out Matthew Dwights address?

Source Citation: Class: RG11; Piece: 1446; Folio: 73; Page: 20; Line: ; GSU roll: 1341350.

I think what i mean is, can anyone work out where on the high street?
anyone got time or inclination to faff about?

Gwyn in Kent
18-04-09, 20:52
Next door to the coppersmith...( on next page)

Sorry Jess, I can't work it out....

Jill on the A272
18-04-09, 21:05
About 4 addresses further on (next page) is a school with a lot of scholars, does that help narrow it down?

18-04-09, 22:54
Jess, the one thing that struck me was the number of retired people in close proximity.

This would suggest that it was perhaps a well to do and residential part of the High Street, rather than the commercial bit, which might narrow it down - and this coupled with the institution might help to pinpoint it

Merry Monty Montgomery
18-04-09, 23:21
He lives on the corner of the High Street and Elm Grove (I think)

Merry Monty Montgomery
18-04-09, 23:22
But don't ask me if it's the right or left corner!

Maps of the world, street map search - powered by Multimap (http://www.multimap.com/maps/?qs=elm+grove%2C+berkhampstead&countryCode=GB#map=51.75993,-0.56605|17|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:51.7602:-0.56639:17|elm%20grove,%20berkhamsted|Elm%20Grove, %20Berkhamsted,%20Hertfordshire,%20England,%20HP4% 201)

Merry Monty Montgomery
18-04-09, 23:23
*tries hard to ignore the surname in this thread* :rolleyes:

Merry Monty Montgomery
18-04-09, 23:36
The school was the King Edward 6th Grammar School founded in the 1500's. It's still there and forms one of the two sites of an independent school in Berkhamsted. (Not entirely sure of the current name of the school!)

Merry Monty Montgomery
18-04-09, 23:48
The school is now called Berkhamsted School (very original:rolleyes:)

Contact Us (http://www.berkhamstedcollegiateschool.org.uk/contact.php)

Elm Grove isn't on their map (not important enough?), but Chesham Road is on both.