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Val wish Id never started
18-04-09, 15:55
Is there an easy way to find one of your previous searches as mine dont seem to be in any order
I did try putting the name in one of the boxes at the bottom but just got another page

Elaine ..Spain
18-04-09, 16:02
They seem to be displayed in date order - arranged by the date you did the download - so it does mean scrolling through the pages until you find the one you want.

You can produce a report of what you have downloaded, which might make them easier to find. When you are looking at the MY RECORDS page, there is a box at the top left of the page, just under the Export as pdf button - if you tick the report box it brings up a text report of the pages you have downloaded and the dates - if you have a lot it might be easier searching by this method first.

You can also put the name in the FILTER box at the bottom of page and tick the box FILTER SEARCHES BY DESCRIPTION - this should bring up just the images that match the name.

Val wish Id never started
18-04-09, 16:07
cor its so complicated I have dozens ??? in fact I am shocked at how much I must have spent ???lucky Tom doesn't come on here.
I tried putting the name in the box maybe I did the wrong box ???
If I'm on the PC I always download and copy the images as the Printer is out there but its awkward on the Laptop
Thanks Elaine

Muggins in Sussex
18-04-09, 16:48
Mine are in date order, most recent on top. I can't see any way of rearranging them

edit - sorry, hadn't read your post Elaine

Val wish Id never started
18-04-09, 21:30
thing is though Joan I dont remember which dates are for which