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Lilly the flower
18-04-09, 11:02
I found that one of my rellies was a Plate Layer, round about the late 1880's, now I have found out what that was, but I am 98% sure that I read somewhere that the Railsways kept records of these people/plate layers, I have done a search on FTF, as I was sure it was on a thread that I saw a web site about this, but can't found it!:o
have any one any ideas, about these records at all..many thanks...Lilly:)

18-04-09, 11:06
This may help.
National Archives (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/catalogue/RdLeaflet.asp?sLeafletID=124)

Anne in Carlisle
18-04-09, 11:06
I think there is some lists of railway workers but I'm not sure it goes back that far. Have you tried the National Railway museum?


Lilly the flower
18-04-09, 11:28
Thanks Phil and Anne, for your suggestions, its so annoying as it was only a couple of days ago I found a thread about plate layers records, usually if I find a potentially useful web site, I save it to my favs and go back to it later when I need it/have time,! ...but it isn't there!!!! after thought!!, maybe it is on my other comp, best look....( I bet it isn't though, going for a scream, arrgggg...:mad: lol...Lilly

Uncle John
18-04-09, 17:21
A platelayer was quite a lowly occupation, and also the railway companies in the 19th. century frequently amalgamated. And geographical location may not be a 100% way of identifying the company - many companies served the same area as each other, particularly in industrial areas. Sometimes census records mention a railway company.

Jane Richards
19-04-09, 09:49
Hi Lilly

I had a plate layer in my family too but haven't been able to find anything on him yet. Never mind I will keep on looking.

As for being unable to find the webpage you were looking at. If you click on your history button (yellow Star button top left of screen). you will get a drop down menu, click on it and choose history, you should be able to see all the sites you visited there.

Good luck