View Full Version : PL or PC next to female names 1841

Heather Positive Thinker
15-04-09, 17:55
Over on GR someone has asked what PL next to a females name means on the 1841. Someone has answered Personal Laundress ............ - so guys, what does it mean? It keeps ringing a bell, but ............. have a look on the census imageplease - every female virtually has these letters next to her:

Look up this boy for the right page:

James Kiff age 12 Hertfordshire (Smallford Hertfordshire) .

15-04-09, 18:05
I wonder if they were straw plaiters?

Olde Crone Holden
15-04-09, 18:09
Parish labourer? (On loan from the workhouse)


Merry Monty Montgomery
15-04-09, 18:16
I have never seen this before, which makes me think it was something localised to an area I've not researched.

Heather Positive Thinker
15-04-09, 18:21
Hmm, must be an answer mustnt there. Too many to be parish labourers OC and they are in the home - so there must be something they do at home, or something to do with their status.

I guess if we look at the later census ............

Elaine ..Spain
15-04-09, 18:22
If you go to the first page of the census there is some writing at the far left of page which says PL= Plait ???? all through
The writing is vertical on the page.

Elaine ..Spain
15-04-09, 18:25
Is it Plait trade ?

Christine in Herts
15-04-09, 19:16
Straw-plaiting (for hats) was a trade in Beds/Bucks/Herts - think of Luton (don't let my Watford-supporting son see that I typed such a heresy! ;)).


Heather Positive Thinker
15-04-09, 23:03
Well doen guys, we think plaiters then? Ill go back and tell the OP