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15-04-09, 09:52
I have a photo of my grandaughter at 6x4 ratio. I am going to enlarge it to an 12x8 together with 2 other photos that I want to put on the wall in a line.. However, the face is off centre and looks odd against the other two. I can centralise it keeping the ratio but that enlarges the size of the face which I don't want to do. The background is white as are the other two.

Can someone have a look and see if they can do this with their magic paint boxes please:)

Please pm me for a link to photobucket if you can help.


15-04-09, 18:16
Thank you all who pm'd me. I have pm'd you back:)

Thanks Rachael, the photo is now perfectly centralised and the aspect ratio spot on.

Rachel Scand
15-04-09, 22:31
:) Lovely photo Kat ;)

15-04-09, 23:27
OOPs just realised I spelt your name wrong:o:D apologies!