View Full Version : Question on how to store digital photos

Elizabeth Herts
10-04-09, 21:30
My sister-in law and I have bought my sister a really good digital photo frame for her 60th birthday.

I have been busy scanning and collecting family photos from over the years to load onto it. I have decided to leave this job to my brother-in-law because I don't want to unwrap the box too much and it might be rather complicated to do.

I need to put all the photos I have scanned onto a suitable medium for him to upload. What should I use?

The model of the Digital Photo Frame is Sony DPF-V900.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Night Owl
10-04-09, 21:40
We bought my m in law one (but not as posh as the Sony) for Christmas and I loaded the photos onto a memory stick. That way I can add more as and when she wants.

Elizabeth Herts
10-04-09, 22:55
Are there any issues with compatibility, or can I use any memory stick?

Night Owl
10-04-09, 23:08
I can't remember what make stick the one I bought was but it was a bog standard one.

I think you might be able to save the photos on the Sony frame but I didn't on m in law's. Essentially it is just like a computer screen. I put about 200 photos onto the stick and when m in law wants to see them she turns it on and puts the stick in.

I think I bought a 4GB stick because they have come down in price so much. That would hold thousands of photos, but with hindsight I would probably buy a few smaller ones and that way you can have different photos on each one. (Unless the Sony frame has an option to view different folders)

Elizabeth Herts
11-04-09, 08:08
Jackie, thanks for you help. It sounds as though a memory stick is the way to go. My b-i-l is very computer savvy, and I'm sure he will be able to get it functioning how they want it.