View Full Version : Can anybody find this man in 1901 ??

Val wish Id never started
09-04-09, 17:25
George Arthur Tyler Ironmonger born abt 1834
on 1881 in London Middlesex
on 1891 in Bishopsgate London
living in Bethnal Green with Mary Ann who he did not marry ,I think she died in 1895 Hackney
he is by himself on 1911 as a widower in a workhouse in Shoreditch think I have found his death in 1916 Shoreditch
Have already got a couple of wrong certs for him and Mary Ann so need to track him down in 1901
any ideas please thanks

09-04-09, 18:12
Val I've looked but so far had no luck in finding him Sorry. I have looked for his children in hope that he was living with one of them but if I've found the right ones son Walter is on board the as a crew member and Charles is married as is Martha and there is no sign of him with any of them. He could have remarried not looked at that option yet!

09-04-09, 18:17
The 1901 site has this man:

George Tyler aged 62 b City Of London living London Hackney occupation Commercial Traveller

The age is out & I can't check for other occupants but other details are feasible.

09-04-09, 18:19
btw, have you looked at Shoreditch workhouse records, to see when he was admitted and whether any earlier addresses are given? And what his occupation on admission was.

09-04-09, 18:22
phonix I saw that one but the other family members did not fit.

Val wish Id never started
09-04-09, 19:03
hi thanks for looking I saw that one but he wasnt a commercial traveller
I know where the children are and they had all left home by then.
How do I look at the workhouse records I might see if I can order them online

09-04-09, 19:34
There's quite a bit there and the records often aren't indexed. Hopefully this link will work:

London Generations (http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/londonGenerations/registerSearch.aspx?panel=results&page=2)

I think, unless Ancestry has got them online, you would need to visit, or ask sks to have a look.

Val wish Id never started
09-04-09, 19:48
thanks Phoenix never heard of that site
Ancestry records are rubbish for me