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Sussex Ancestor Hunter
09-04-09, 12:17
My head hurts

I am searching for a birth of Sadie Wetherall born abt 1921/22
i do not know where she was born I have checked the irish births on familysearch pilot site and the BMDs for england to no avail

Where do I go from here?

Harrys mum
09-04-09, 12:19
Have you checked different spelling???

What else do you know about her??

Welcome to FTF...by the way...

Elaine ..Spain
09-04-09, 12:20
Do you know the mother's maiden name, in which case have you tried searching with that on Ancestry in the transcribed England & Wales Birth Index: 1916-2005.

Elaine ..Spain
09-04-09, 12:20
Sorry, could you also confirm whether or not she is still living as we do not allow details of living persons to be posted on the forum.

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Gwyn in Kent
09-04-09, 12:42
Sarahs are sometimes known as Sadie, I think.

09-04-09, 12:58
There is a Sarah Wetherill on FreeBMD

Sussex Ancestor Hunter
09-04-09, 13:02
She is not still living she died in 1952.
I have tried all varients of spellings and i do not know her mothers maiden name

09-04-09, 13:04
do you have her marriage certificate? and her death certificate?
if so, what was her father's name and occupation?

do you know any stories about her life or childhood that could help identify the right birth?

Sussex Ancestor Hunter
09-04-09, 13:07
I do have her marriage and death certificate.
Her father was Michael John Wetherall a comercial traveller.
I know nothing about her apart from what I have already stated

09-04-09, 13:29
do you have any idea about the county she was born in? or was she born in ireland?

do you know if she had any siblings?

09-04-09, 13:33
Is it possible that she was Jewish? There is a Wenzerul born 1922?

Parents were:

Marriages Jun 1921
Bendys Annie Wenserul Mile End 1c 623
Wenzurul Hyman Bendye Mile End 1c 623

Do you have any more information, like father's name & occupation? or siblings' names?

09-04-09, 13:36
so far, there isn't any michael wetherall's on the 1911 census. plenty of john's, but none with 'm' as an initial. maybe the family is irish, or in wales?

Sussex Ancestor Hunter
09-04-09, 13:46
I have no idea where she was born in the british isle I believe but there was a mention once that it may be ireland. She married in London

As the family was parted after she died I do not know of any relations to her apart from her fathers name was Michael John Wetherall and that he had died before 1947

09-04-09, 13:58
who were the witnesses at her marriage? and what year, if i may ask.
and her name on the cert is definently sadie wetherall?
how old was she at marriage?
where was she living at the time of marriage? someone could look up electoral rolls, and see if she has relatives at that address.

09-04-09, 14:05
I take it that she married in 1947? Might she have served in the forces? Is it possible that a military record survives for her? You would have to order this, which might take some time and you would have to prove your relationship, but if one exists it should show a next of kin, with address. If her father was dead, with luck that would be her mother.

Do you feel, by the way, that she was Irish from anything you have heard, or is it simply because you cannot locate her birth in this country?

Sussex Ancestor Hunter
09-04-09, 14:08
The witnesses to the wedding where L A Davidson & J D Howoath (Thats what it looks like).
Her name is Sadie Elizabeth Wetherall on both marriage & death.
She married in 1947 in Brentford she was 26yrs old.
She was living at 80a High Street Brentford

Sussex Ancestor Hunter
09-04-09, 14:09
She did not serve in the military and as for the possibility that she was Irish was what someone told me a while ago but this person is not reliable.

09-04-09, 14:25
the lander family seem to be living at that address in 1911.