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09-04-09, 11:54
Hi iam new on this site, i have been doing family history for 9 years but i have just come across someone that was born in Dublin.

I have been to my post office and they dont do Euro postal orders,
I have phoned my bank and they wanted to charge £18 on top of what i would have to pay for the certificate, for an international draft.
The bank also said i cannot send a normal cheque.
Also i have tryed phoning the civil reg office in Roscommon,Ireland but it just says i cannont connect to that number.

Any help would be greatful on how to order the ceriticate has anyone else been able to apply for one if so how did you do?

Elaine ..Spain
09-04-09, 12:00
Have you downloaded the application form from the GRO website - it says you can pay by Visa and Mastercard credit cards
The General Register Office Ireland (http://www.groireland.ie/)

- and welcome to FTF! :)

09-04-09, 18:31
Yes, I ordered a cert from Ireland recently with no problems; I downloaded the form from their website and paid by credit card. It does take a while for the cert to arrive but that would be the same whatever method you use to pay I'm sure.

09-04-09, 19:48
I too have ordered loads of certificates from Roscommon by post. Download the application form enter all known details and add credit card number.

You will get a receipt back, with the certificate, in €'s but the charge will be in £'s on your credit card bill.

09-04-09, 21:32
Brilliant thankyou very much everyone i have been for about a month trying to work out how to do it.
i had already downloaded the forms but i couldnt work out the payment.
I will now send it off tomorrow.

10-04-09, 08:39
Rather than open a new thread re certificates/records I broke into my Irish wall the other day and I am still shaking. I paid 5 Euros to view a record of a RC Church Baptism Record dated Jan 1859 at Ballaghadreen, Roscommon. All I have is a bit of a naff printout as my evidence. I have another dated 1817 from Boyle, Roscommon as well. Is it possible to order a Church Baptism Certificates from Roscommon?

10-04-09, 10:33

If you want baptismal records then the only way to obtain these at present, apart from the fee paying site you used, is either to write to the relevant church with a donation or to go to Dublin National Library for records pre 1864for RC or Dublin National Archives for Protestant records. Roscommon only deal with the statutory records of 1864 for RC and slightly earlier Protestant marriage records.

I am not sure what you were hoping to get, but all you will get for Irish baptismal records will be the child's name, the parents names which usually include the mother's maiden name and two sponsors, usually one male and one female, though this may sometimes be one sponsor of either sex with the initials NMS/NFS which is taken to mean "No Male/Female Sponsor" which is what I have on some of the Irish baptismal records that I have. Did you not get all that information on the fee paying site?

You were lucky to find anything! None of my Tipperary ancestors are on that site!


10-04-09, 11:46
Thank you Janet
What you describe on the baptismal records I have in hand, printed off the fee paying website. I don't have the RC church, just the parish/districts of Boyle and Ballaghaderreen. Now I have that, Google is turning up all sorts of possibles!
I was hoping to get some sort of official record maybe like our BMD certs rather than a 4 inch x 3 inch printout. It took 30 years to crack... I deserve it! :)
THank you for the info... I will sort it out and may even take a trip over.
Hope you get lucky too

10-04-09, 12:32
welcome lambo.....you will be helped here,brenda xxx