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Jammy Dodger
09-04-09, 03:48
Can you please save my head a further bashing on the desk and unravel this lot?

Mary Pearson marries Sam Haynes (1876) father given as Charles Pearson

Mary Haynes nee Pearson born Keighley (Keightley) c.1854
Class: RG11; Piece: 2762; Folio: 52; Page: 18;
Sam Haynes 30
Mary Haynes 27
Thomas W. Pearson 5
Jane Haynes 3
Hannah Haynes
(Thomas W. later adopts name Haynes)

Mary Pearson born Keighley(Keetley) c.1853 living with g/mother Mary Pearson in 1861
Class: RG9; Piece: 1961; Folio: 62; Page: 31
Mary Pearson 74
Mary Pearson 9
G/mother is widow of a wood sawyer

Searched for g/mother in 1851 no Mary Pearson but found this
(Class: RG9; Piece: 1961; Folio: 62; Page: 31) corrected HO107; Piece: 2011; Folio: 374; Page: 26
Charles Maddock 61
Mary Maddock 59
Charles Maddock 26
Samuel Basson 11
Thomas Meakin 8
Henry Meakin 23

On checking image Samuel Basson is Samuel Pearson g/son
Charles Maddock and son Charles both sawyers

Possible marriage
John Meakin/Hannah Pearson Q4 1940 Burton on Trent

Class: HO107; Piece 192; Book: 4; Civil Parish: Repton; County: Derbyshire; Enumeration District: 12; Folio: 19; Page: 33; Line: 20; GSU roll: 241295.
Charles Pearson 52
Mary Pearson 51
Chas Fearson 19
Jane Fearson 9
John Meakin 27
Hannah Meakin 21
Rosa Meakin 5 Mo

I would like your opinions on these questions please

Where does the Maddock name fit in?

Who was (1853) Mary Pearson's mother?

Which certs, if any, should I order?

Elaine ..Spain
09-04-09, 18:15
I think you have the wrong census ref for anyone looking

Searched for g/mother in 1851 no Mary Pearson but found this
Class: RG9; Piece: 1961; Folio: 62; Page: 31

should be
HO107; Piece: 2011; Folio: 374; Page: 26

Jammy Dodger
09-04-09, 18:29
You're quite right Elaine, I guess it didn't register when I highlighted and copied and therefore gave the previously copied information, thank you

Elaine ..Spain
09-04-09, 19:38
Thought I would just say that I´ve had a look and really cannot see where the Madocks family comes in. They certainly exist as there are some christening entries in the IGI -but I cannot see the family (listed as Maddocks) in 1841.

Jammy Dodger
09-04-09, 20:11
I've just been looking at the IGI Maddocks there seems to be similar names to the 1841 Pearsons this is confusing

Elaine ..Spain
09-04-09, 20:15
There certainly seems to be some similarity! :(

Elaine ..Spain
09-04-09, 20:20
There is a public tree on Ancestry for the Maddock tree
- Ancestry.co.uk (http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/pt/person.aspx?tid=10203086&pid=-679447352)
but doesn´t seem to contain much more that the IGI and 1851 census entry.
Mother´s maiden name appears to be Wetton - so no link to Pearson there!

Elaine ..Spain
09-04-09, 20:22
There is also a Pearson tree - but not sure if that helps either!
- Ancestry.co.uk (http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/pt/person.aspx?tid=3093921&pid=-1684503086)

Jammy Dodger
09-04-09, 21:38
Thank you for your input it has given me a couple more avenues to check :):confused:

susan h
10-04-09, 00:59
Hi, Not sure if this will help, but here goes. The Samuel Pearson on 1851 was born in Repton. There's a christening on igi for Samuel Pearson, 1839, Repton Derbs, parents John and Elizabeth. Then, also on igi is this marriage : John Pearson to Elizabeth Meakin, 1832, Repton

susan h
10-04-09, 02:10
Here's young Samuel in 1841 with father John, and father's wife Mary (looks like Elizabeth died pre 1841) HO107; Piece 192; Book: 4.
There's also a marriage for John and Mary from freebmd. 2nd qrt 1841, Derby, vol 19 page 407. John Pearson and on same page Mary Hawksworth.

So it seems Samuel and 'your' Mary had different fathers' who were probably brothers. It's looking more like the 1851 census with surname Maddock is an error.

Do you have Mary Pearson's birth cert? If not, it would be one to start with as you'd then have her mother's name. I did find a Charles Pearson marriage in Keighley 1853, but without a mother's name there's no knowing if it's the right record.

Jammy Dodger
10-04-09, 02:46
I'm afraid we don't have Mary's birth cert yet, there are 3 strong possibles for Keighley but not knowing if she was registered there or possibly Burton has put me off so far.

I've seen the 1853 marriage reg today, and have been looking at Anne Hey, ('61 census onwards have Charles' wife as Ann) again all census records show either Repton or Burton as place of birth whereas Ann is from Keighley. She does have some interesting sibling names though which may prove fun researching.

Thanks for the work on Samuel :)

Jammy Dodger
15-04-09, 12:08
Whoo hoo!

Charles Pearson Maddocks, sawyer, appears on trade directory 1846
another brickwall disappears:D