View Full Version : Blank surname search on 1911

06-04-09, 15:41
If this has been posted before I apologise but I accidently did a search in the 1911 site without a surname or wildcard in the surname box and it gave me 1,000 results rather than complaining.

This was on the advanced person search, I haven't tried it on a basic search yet.

Perhaps they are having a funny half hour or letting people do this now. Here's hoping!

Elaine ..Spain
06-04-09, 15:50
Did you enter a first name. You can now search with just a first name, leaving the surname field blank.

06-04-09, 15:55
Yes, firstly just the first name and nothing else (I pressed enter by mistake) and it brought up 100,000 results so I then added more details.

If there was a thread about it, I must have missed it when I was away a couple of weeks back.

Mary from Italy
07-04-09, 14:49
When the 1911 first came out, you couldn't search without a surname, but that was changed a few weeks ago. You can now search with surname only or forename only, and use wildcards.