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Pat Hope
06-04-09, 14:56
I am looking for Thomas Lineker born 1872/3 Leicester with wife Catherine/Kate born 1875 Dublin

I have tried different spellings ie: Linacre/Linniker/Linikker/Linker

In 1901 they are in Manchester mistranscribed as Sinker

06-04-09, 15:33
Pat - are these rellies of Gary?

... I'll take a look at 1911

06-04-09, 15:40
have found a 'Tom Leslie Lineker' but he was born 1897

and 'Katey Lineker' born 1900 Leicester
Update: her father is William Lineker and mother Sarah

unfortunately I can't check 1901 census for children of Thos and Catherine (subs just ran out!)

Pat Hope
06-04-09, 15:59
I have them in 1901 no children


06-04-09, 16:02

lol Pat ............. the Leicester City footballer ................ :D

I've tried all sorts of combinations incl wildcard for surname and variants of first name ... maybe they're somewhere that's not been transcribed yet!

Pat Hope
06-04-09, 16:11
Thanks for looking

Val wish Id never started
06-04-09, 21:30
there is a John Thomas Lineker married living in Nottingham Pat ??? born 1871 ???

Astro Lady
07-04-09, 00:04
Iv'e found the following,it seems Thomas Lineker died before 1911.

Kate has been mistranscribed again, her name is MAKER. :rolleyes:

(RG14PN24095 RG78PN1385 RD466 SD1 ED7 SN21)

JACKSON, MARY Head Widow F Age 72 Small ware tents Born Wigan,Lancs.

JACKSON TOMAS Stp son M Age 36 Carter to general carrier born Manchester

SMITH SARAH Boarder Single F Age 70 Small ware tents born Manchester.

MAKER KATE Boarder Widow F Age 36 Weaver in cotton mill Born Ireland,Dublin.

Pat Hope
07-04-09, 09:30
Thanks for that Valley. I have looked for a death for Thomas the only one I can find that fits is 1914:confused:

Astro Lady
07-04-09, 09:43
Oh those details do fit exactly don't they ? :(
Seems that might not be your Kate/Catherine after all living down Rodney Street.

Kate Makers details are all correct as well apart from the surname and the widow bit.
Is there is a chance she might have left Thomas and called herself a widow ?
Can't find a Catherine/Kate Lineker that fits.