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22-03-09, 01:40
Hi everyone,
I was looking at marriage indexes and came across a probable Q2 1860 3a 532, however on both free bmd and ancestry there are 2 males and 1 female. Is there any way I can find the missing bride?
Thanks, Craig

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
22-03-09, 02:15
Searching marriages, Q2 1860 3a and entering Wycombe as the district (leave the names section blank) throws up a whole heap of entries.

Sometimes you get an entry with a page number such as 3*2 where the image is unclear and you then have a chance to look at the image and try to decipher it yourself. It doesn't appear to be the case this time though becuase it doesn't look like many of the entries have a scanned image.

You could try and find both grooms in the 1861 and then you can potentially put a forename to the bride (assuming she didn't die before the census).

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
22-03-09, 02:36
Scouting through the errors page on freebmd it does show a "District with Volume Clashes" for district 3a in 1860, it's possible that the district number has been mistranscribed when the index was originally completed.

I did pop over to freereg just to see if there was anything listed in either of the grooms' names but would you credit it, there is no Oxfordshire listing in the county list (Wycombe reg district could fall in Bucks or Oxfordshire).

susan h
22-03-09, 03:40
Hi Craig,

Have you found the groom on census records with his wife, if so, what's her first name?

22-03-09, 07:16
Thanks for having a look. I thought it was a possibility for a 2nd marriage, as my guy married a sophia, and a couple of years later, she's an ann. I must have had a blonde moment tho, cos looking at my notes, for the other censuses she's back to sophia! Just one of those things I guess. Just thought there might have been a trick to finding missing people on the marriage index. Thanks, craig

22-03-09, 12:08
Wycombe, 3a 532:
Beechey, William
Hawkins, Esther
Stammers, Henry

No images available on FreeBMD for these indexes so first thing you have to do is go onto another site and check the images for all of them to see if the page numbers etc are correct, which they are. Next thing I would do is look them up on FamilySearch to see if the marriages have been transcribed on there, but they haven't.

Next go back onto FreeBMD and look for all the marriage entries for district Wycombe for that quarter and look through them for any where the page number hasn't been fully transcribed. There is a Martha * Collins Wycombe 3a 53_, i.e. they couldn't read the last digit of the page number. Going onto ancestry to view the image, it is Martha Sarah Collins but I can't make out that digit either. It could well be a 2, though. You could try another site such as Family Relatives or findmypast to see if the images are clearer on there, or as Glen said, look for the names on the census to work out who married whom.

If you were sure that one of the grooms was yours and you are sure of the bride's name then you could also try searching for marriages in that quarter with first name Sophia, not specifying district etc and just look through the list of results to see if any look likely. This wouldn't work for a name like Ann, though!

Merry Monty Montgomery
22-03-09, 12:17
I was also looking at the entry for Martha Sarah Collins. I couldn't find a Martha Stammers or Martha Beechey in 1861 though, but I agree with Kite that it is possible she has the right page number.

Merry Monty Montgomery
22-03-09, 12:23
When did William Beechey lose his first wife? Is this any good?

Marriages Jun 1853
Beechey William Wycombe 3a 431
Humphrey Sophia Wycombe 3a 431

22-03-09, 16:05
Thanks again kite and merry. Yes merry that's the first wife. The later william beechey must be someone else then.