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Jean and Tonic
16-03-09, 11:24
I have this lady (born 1812, Birmingham) as a daughter, on the 1841, 1851 and 1861 census (when she died).

In 1841
Living Upper Tower Street, St George District of Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Thomas Gay 55 toolmaker, not born in Warwickshire.
Sarah (Faulkner) Gay 55 born in Warwickwhire.
Thomas Gay 20 toolmaker, not born in Warwickshire
Edward Gay 15 gunmaker, not born in Warwickshire bapt. 18th Mar 1827 Buscot, Berkshire
Henry Gay 15 toolmaker, not born in Warwickshire bapt 16th Sept 1821 Buscot, Berkshire
Harriet Gay 15, not born in Warwickshire bapt 1st Feb 1824 Buscot, Berkshire
Mary Pedley 25, born in Warwickshire.
They also had two more children baptised in Buscot, Berkshire.
George Gay baptised 12th Jan 1823
Eliza Gay baptised 7th March 1830

As she has a different name to the rest of the family I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to who she is ..... I mean .... was she married, is she a child born to Sarah (married 1813 after Mary Pedley was born) before she was married or was Sarah married previously ... I thought her mother's maiden name was Faulkner so not her daughter but I could be wrong.

My head's in a muddle and I can't seem to get myself sorted with this lady. ... the 1851 has her down as unmarried ... the 1861 (mistranscribed as Bedley) she's down as a widow.

This may all sound a bit garbled but thankyou for any ideas which I may not have considered

16-03-09, 11:32
she could be a niece? or a cousin? illegitimate daughter doesn't make sense, unless you have the wrong sarah's maiden name.

16-03-09, 11:38
Presumably she isn't listed as daughter on the 1841? Does it say daughter on the 1851 and / or 1861, and if so, who is the head of household?

16-03-09, 11:42
Looking at the image of the 1841 census, there is a single line after Harriot and before Mary Pedley, which should mean that she wasn't part of their family group.

16-03-09, 11:47
The name seems to be written as Bedley or Bidley on the 1861 rather than mistranscribed, and on the 1851 it looks like Dedley! Her name is down as Mary Ann on both of those, if that's any help.

Jean and Tonic
16-03-09, 11:53
thans both..... 1851 and 1861 she's down as daughter.

I could have the wife's maiden name wrong .... she just seemed the obvious one as it's the only birth in Aston where I had the marriage of the parents ... but if that marriage is wrong then the birth could be wrong.

As you can tell ... I have only been researching this family on the internet ... so I have no proof. ..... I was just trying to get it sorted in my head, so that I could maybe go down the correct path.

Thomas Gay is the head of the household ... so maybe she's his daughter (somehow).

16-03-09, 11:57
Age on 1841 census is 25 which means anything between 25 and 29, then she is 39 in 1851 and 49 in 1861 so if that is right, she was born 1811-1812, before Thomas and Sarah's marriage in 1813 (if that's the right marriage, of course!) I suppose it's possible that Sarah's name was Pedley (or something like) when Mary Ann was born, then Sarah married a Mr Faulkner who died very soon afterwards. If you can get a copy of the Thomas Gay / Sarah Faulkner marriage entry from the PR's then it should say whether Sarah was a spinster or a widow, which might help.

Jean and Tonic
16-03-09, 12:02
Oh sorry ... I was just looking at my first post ... I spelt her name wrong ... it should have been Pedley. .... so sorry.


Jean and Tonic
16-03-09, 12:06
thanks Kite ..... that's the way to go, or at least start ..... the Thomas Gay and Sarah Faulkner marriage is on IGI so I just might get more information from the parish entry.

Thankyou .... that should get one theory cleared.


16-03-09, 12:09
It is also possible that Mary was a Faulkner who married a Pedley and she separated or her husband died.

If she is down as single on one census and widowed on the next, you can't tell on the face of things which one is inaccurate.

Her death certificate may provide a few more clues.

16-03-09, 12:12
Yes, I was trying to find her death reg but I couldn't work out which one it was, there are so many Mary Ann Pedleys. I can't see her on any census after the 1861.

Jean and Tonic
16-03-09, 12:33
Kite ... her death is June Qtr 1861, Darlington... as father thomas has died, I think Sarah Gay will be the informant (if she died naturally). It just might say mother ... yes so sending for the death might help ....

Ah ... that's another road to go down Pheonix ..... oh dear ... got that many roads now, I've got a town centre.


16-03-09, 12:53
If you get the death cert then it should say whose widow Mary Ann was, if she was really a widow, otherwise it should say whp her father was.

Jean and Tonic
16-03-09, 12:54
thanks to you all for your input ..... my heads a bit clearer. Now I know which way I'm going .... ... death cert first ....

Thankyou again