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Fi & Lilly
15-03-09, 15:40
know you have the right one? Whats more how do you know they even got married?


Fi & Lilly
15-03-09, 16:26
Maybe this is a stupid question!

Elaine ..Spain
15-03-09, 16:30
If you have a child's birth certificate you would then have the names of both parents - which would help you find the correct marriage certificate.

If you cannot find a suitable marriage then there is always the possibility the couple never married!

Fi & Lilly
15-03-09, 17:42
I meant a marriage for the child

15-03-09, 17:44
match fathers name from a cert is a start

Little Nell
15-03-09, 17:48
Perhaps if you were to tell us what you are looking for we could help better!

Fi & Lilly
15-03-09, 17:52
It is just a general question. Apart from my direct line I am assuming it is all guess work unless there is some knowledge of who married who.

Mary from Italy
15-03-09, 17:56
Pre-1911 you can find them on the censuses and then find a marriage cert.

After 1911 you can find children's births with the mother's maiden name, and then look for a marriage.

15-03-09, 17:57
It's not so much guesswork as logic I'd say. If you have an Mary Jane Jones born in 1900 in Hemel Hempstead, you look for the marriage of a Mary J Jones in that area. Then it's a case of getting the cert or looking in the PRs to prove it. Earlier than that of course you have census to help you out.

Fi & Lilly
15-03-09, 18:00
Thanks I wanted to know how people worked it out. I have siblings of direct rellies who I dont know anything about and therefore wondered how you all work out how to move forward with them. So guesswork it is unless you know otherwise for sure.

15-03-09, 18:11
Yes, tracing siblings forward is difficult. It helps if you can find wills left by various family members, especially maiden aunts, because they will often give details of lots of relatives and give the married names of the women.
Also if you can find distant cousins on GR or ancestry who are also doing their trees they may be descended from one of those people whose marriages you are looking for.

Merry Monty Montgomery
15-03-09, 19:31
For siblings born after about 1840 who can be identified on the 1851 census you have first names ages and birth places. You would then need to cross ref any possible marriage entries with the following census to see if you can find the relevant couples where the details match the earlier census. This system can work right through to people marrying before the 1911 census. Obviously there's the additional help of mmn on births after that which help a lot.

Obviously this doesn't always work, depending on name frequency and where the events occurred etc etc, but it can make a good basis for making contact with descendants of the siblings of your ancestors.