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12-03-09, 11:36
Hi, ive found a ref to what maybe a workhouse from 1851 on the census records
it states...joseph wright, inmate, the address is given as 2 five ways cradley heath west mids. could this be a work house?? have found a ref to a st lukes in cradley, but not sure if its the same place.
any su)ggestions would be great
many thanks, flame:)

12-03-09, 11:42
Can you give some more information, please? I can't find it on the 1851 census. I presume it doesn't say West Midlands on the census? Do you have the piece number, folio and page number, or Joseph's age and birthplace please?

12-03-09, 12:55

I think this must be the bloke

He's born Rowley Regis

Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 2028; Folio: ; Page: 1; GSU roll: 87434.

Five ways is simply a road name there is a Four ways too ( apparently)


12-03-09, 13:00
Thanks, Jess.

The address isn't 2 Five Ways, it is just Five Ways with 2 being the number of the householder's schedule. No house number within the street is given.

The household where Joseph is living consists of the head, a shoe maker, with his wife and son, plus two "inmates", Joseph and another lad (also called Joseph!) who are both listed as shoe maker, so I would imagine they were working for the head of household and living in his house.

12-03-09, 13:11
hi and thank you for your help, i must admit, this member of my family has me stumped, he was born around 1835 in wednesbury west mids , then thats it until hes married in 1861. cannot find him in 1841, 51. His father was george. ive been checking workhouses and came across the ref i mentioned above,
ive had 4 grey hairs pop up since this morning looking for this!!
i'll keep looking and let you know any more info,
many thanks flame x

12-03-09, 13:14
Was your Joseph working as a shoe maker in 1861?

12-03-09, 19:31
Also for the O.P., usually if it's a workhouse it will tell you - and it will all be one household - and go on for several pages! Even if there's no house numbers, there's usually little lines against a column on the left, and the lines are the demarcations between households. It will say 'workhouse' and you will get the staff as well as the inmates, so you can't miss it, really.

There's an area of Birmingham also (just down the road from Cradley Heath) called Five Ways - where 5 roads meet. Must be a Midlands thing.

13-03-09, 10:51
hi all and thanks again for all your help, joseph was a coal miner in 1861 and living in tipton, he then dies around 1871. Before that (51, 41 ) i cannot find him, yesturday was the first time ide found a ref to a joseph , right age and area, i had this when i was looking for another family member a while ago, its so frustrating to not be able to find them, i'll keep looking and let you all know if i come up with anything
many, many thanks, flame:p

13-03-09, 11:29
It doesn't seem likely to be the same person then, although I suppose you never know.