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Joy Dean
10-03-09, 14:24

You can download death certificates.

Anne in Carlisle
10-03-09, 15:18
Thanks for that Joy! I nealry struck gold but unfortunately they only go up to 1956 at the moment. The death I am interested in was in 1959 :(. Maybe they add some more later.


10-03-09, 16:07
Thanks Joy - I wish all sites had this kind of information, Utah is a bit of a long shot in my families but you never know, there are plenty of Brits on there. :) :D

10-03-09, 16:10
The furthest abroad my family's been is the Isle of Wight but I'll bookmark it anyway :)

Joy Dean
10-03-09, 16:21
If you do find someone there, then you may find him / her in findagrave.com, such as some of mine,
James Turner (1819 - 1895) - Find A Grave Memorial (http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=5139318)

10-03-09, 17:20
Wow! :D I am praying I will trip over a site one day that will give me such fantastic information and photos too, lucky you :)

Meridian Line
10-03-09, 19:26
great find Joy, thanks for sharing.

Uncle John
10-03-09, 21:56
A branch of my family is reputed to have gone on the Mormon Trek in the 1860s but I haven't been able to confirm the link back.

11-03-09, 15:52
This is mainly for Uncle John. We recently discovered that some of my husbands ancestors left the Forest of Dean Gloucestershire in the 1800's after joining the Mormon Church. They made the trek across the desert. I googled Utah then Church of the Latterday Saints. I eventually found someone from the Church who kindly pointed me in the right direction to finding various and numerouse sites in America who are soley dedicated to the early pioneers in Utah. Hope this helps. Regards Genious. PS Our ancestors names were Phelps, Herbert and Goode

Uncle John
11-03-09, 17:28
Thanks for that, genious. I have a whole host of purported/possible descendants, some of whom are alive and well and touting for money for monumental inscriptions. The disconnect occurs before they left Lancashire and on the cusp of civil registration.

Meridian Line
11-03-09, 17:47
I managed to track a Gloucestershire branch who went to Utah, using the IGI. The entries were submitted & had inaccuracies, but by double checking the US census information I managed to confirm them. The other thing that helps is they seem to add their mother's maiden name as a second name later in life.

Uncle John
12-03-09, 12:18
The other thing that helps is they seem to add their mother's maiden name as a second name later in life.

That seems to be quite a common US practice.

12-03-09, 20:50
Thank you for that Joy.
I have found several from my tree they too went across the dessert. Wishful thinking but oh for a site like that for the UK.
My conection is Lambert

15-03-09, 11:52
Thanks You Joy:D:D
I have been having fun.
Several twigs in my tree ( my 2nd cousin 4 times removed and his brother) went to Utah, so I have been looking them all up using the site, family search & ancestry, I have found a whole new world.
They converted to Mormanism (is that right) them and their extended families were on the wagon trains going across the plains to Salt Lake City, some of the family were high up in the church.
One a George Quale Cannon is even in Wikipedia
George Q. Cannon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Q._Cannon)
He was born in Liverpool, England. His family moved to the USA where he married 4 wives and had 43 children !!!!!

I started doing the tree for this part of my family (my English lot have come to a halt) and the information available is amazing - death certs giving parents names and their place of birth, the censuses on family search on the pilot site FamilySearch Record Search (http://pilot.familysearch.org)
also Utah Gravestone Photos (http://utahgravestones.org/)
It makes it a lot easier the way they use the surames of their parents as their names as well,
Well must go back to it all, I think its baked beans on toast for tea tonight, sling the dogs out in the garden for their walk :)
Thanks again Joy

Uncle John
15-03-09, 22:48
The crucial thing to establish is that you have the people firmly planted in England first and can then trace them forward reliably. Some Mormon trees get a bit "flakey" when connecting to their UK forebears, simply because their purpose is to supply the required ?4? generations for posthumous baptism into the LDS Church.

24-03-09, 19:36
Hi Uncle John
I have traced mine from UK to Utah using censuses death certificates, birth certs etc. Double checked information then and not until then have I put them on a tree, seperate from mine, but the info is there for anyone else, it was enjoyable because of all the information available online for the US.
I have either hit brick walls with my own main lines or gone as far back as I can, now I am branching out to feed my addiction. :o