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04-03-09, 13:44
My uncle says that we're related to a Jockey who was in Switzerland. He thinks he's the son of my GGUncle.

Is there any way I could find out who he was and when he was riding?
He would have been born about 1920-ish, I think.

Heather Positive Thinker
04-03-09, 14:26
Blimey, so was the guy English?

This is the Jockeys association

The PJA - Welcome to The Professional Jockeys Association (http://www.thepja.co.uk/)

Apparently world wide:



04-03-09, 15:02
Thanks Heather. Will have a look at those.

I think he was English. At least, according to my Uncle he was lol

Granny Lynne
04-03-09, 20:31
I would be interested to hear if you find any information as my 1st cousing 3x removed was a jockey at Newmarket in 1891 and I have not managed to find any information about him.

04-03-09, 20:54
I posted the same question last year.

If you have a look on here & email them they'll be able to tell you when he held a jockey licence. Mine was 1901 - 1907

The Jockey Club - Q&A (http://www.thejockeyclub.co.uk/doc.php?id=41559)

With this info I then contacted Newmarket Library who provided me with names of the trainers/owners he'd worked for.

Newmarket Library (http://www.suffolk.gov.uk/LeisureAndCulture/Libraries/LocationsAndOpeningTimes/NewmarketLibrary.htm)

The next thing is to contact the National Horseracing Museum. I've never got round to writing the cheque yet, but not sure if they'll have anything else I haven't already found out.

Horseracing History Online - Send Feedback (http://www.horseracinghistory.co.uk/hrho/jsp/feedback.jsp)

04-03-09, 21:11
Thanks Jay :)

That first link you gave didn't work straight away, so I had to go to the homepage and find it from there. Got the address now. Did they charge you for finding out?

04-03-09, 21:31
The info from the Jockey Club was free, they replied to my email within 24 hours.

I paid £1.00 to Newmarket library for photocopies from some racing calendars that had details of him, trainer, owner etc.

They were both really helpful.

Hope they're able to help you :)