View Full Version : FTM 2009 Web Search and opening Programme

Val wish Id never started
23-02-09, 19:10
My friend opened his FTM 2009 while I was there and must say I was amazed to see how long it took to actually open is that normal??? also we tried to merge a web search but whereas on FTM 2008 you can merge each individual then click on finish on FTM 2009 it seems to be different ???
we clicked on to merge all the residents in his house one at a time but when we looked nothing had merged???

Elaine ..Spain
23-02-09, 19:12
FTM 2009 takes a lot longer to open a file compared to FTM2005/6.
Never use the web search/merge facility so cannot comment on that Val.

Val wish Id never started
23-02-09, 20:07
does it Elaine cant say I thought much of it prefer mine, has is still got problems ?????.

Elaine ..Spain
23-02-09, 20:09
DonĀ“t think there are any particular problems with the program now. There are a few things that are missing compared with the 2006 version. I use both - have got my own tree on 2006 but if I am doing something for someone else I tend to use 2008.

Val wish Id never started
23-02-09, 20:21
thats an idea but knowing me I'd get muddled up