View Full Version : FTM help Second wife appears as Husband ???

Val wish Id never started
01-02-09, 12:44
I am trying to add a second spouse to a man he is on the left side of the FTM as he should be and his wife on the right but when I click on spouse add a new spouse ,his details go over to the right under Wife and the space beneath Husband appears blank ???? for the second spouses name .

Elaine ..Spain
01-02-09, 12:56
Are you sure you have initially entered him as male rather than female?

Val wish Id never started
01-02-09, 13:13
yes Elaine he appears under the Husband heading ??isnt it odd

Val wish Id never started
01-02-09, 13:17
ooh just had another look although he is under Husband he is down as female ???
I imported this gedcom from GR yesterday to use on this new laptop , and his name had one of the 10 mistakes they listed but had not noticed that , thanks again.
Maybe you can also tell me I seem to have the file for this tree and the back ups from last night on my desktop can I send them to my docs and if so how will it affect my tree?? thanks

Elaine ..Spain
01-02-09, 13:21
You can safely copy from the desktop over to MyDocs.
The only problem you might have is that if you are using these files to work on at present the next time you open FTM it will say it cannot find the file. That is because it knows it left it on the desktop but it doesn't seem to be there now! :)
All you have to do is direct FTM to where you have saved it - that is OPEN - then locate the file and click on it.

Val wish Id never started
01-02-09, 13:23
thanks again Elaine