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28-01-09, 07:02
Could anyone confirm what these place names are please:


I thought maybe 'Ulverston' and 'Upper Darwin' but I can't find them on gmaps.

28-01-09, 07:27
Ulveston is in Cumbria - where were they when the info was recorded?

28-01-09, 07:40
Hi Jess,

That's what I thought so I'm a little unsure what it actually says.

The places mentioned are under the 'Place of Birth' column. They were resident in Bradford, West Yorkshire at the time.

28-01-09, 07:43
Cumbria I believe was part of lancashire at one time before the boundaries commissions changed things, I will ask my OH as she is from these parts and may well know.

28-01-09, 07:56
You're right Rob, thank you. :D I've just done a bit of googling and found the following on wikipedia:

Ulverston is a market town in the South Lakeland district of Cumbria in north-west England. Historically part of Lancashire, the town is located on the Furness Peninsula, close to the Lake District, and just north of Morecambe Bay.

Now, could anyone locate where Upper Darwin maybe near, or was near in 1911? If indeed it does say Upper Darwin.

Harrys mum
28-01-09, 08:27
They were certainly both in Lancs at some stage (when my lot were there). Not sure about 1911.

Is the record from 1911??

My lot were quite happy roaming between Lancs (all now Cumbria) and West Yorkshire, from the 1500s to the 1800s.

28-01-09, 08:32
Hi Libby, Yes, the record is from 1911.

Uncle John
28-01-09, 09:25
Upper Darwin is presumably the householder's interpretation of Upper Darwen, which OC will locate for us no doubt, since most of her ancestors came from that area. And as has already been said, Ulverston is in "Lancashire north of the sands" which eventually became part of Cumbria.

Elaine ..Spain
28-01-09, 09:42
from Genuki:
Historically, Darwen was (and still is) divided into two districts, originally known as Upper Darwen and Nether or Lower Darwen. Upper Darwen later became Over Darwen and finally just Darwen, while the other remains as Lower Darwen to this day.

GENUKI: Over Darwen, Lancashire genealogy (http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/LAN/OverDarwen/)

28-01-09, 09:52
That's great Elaine! Thank you very much. :D:D

Harrys mum
28-01-09, 09:54
I think Darwen is part of Blackburn????

Ulverston is more my area....

28-01-09, 10:05
Looking at gmaps again Darwen is pretty close to Blackburn.

West/North Yorkshire is more my area, the couple I'm just looking at from Lancs are strays on my tree, well actually adoptive parents. Normally us Yorkies wouldn't associate with the other side of the border in that direction - LOL!! :D

Olde Crone Holden
28-01-09, 10:59

I have a large database of Darwen families if you are researching further.

Over Darwen can be tricky to research as it falls under several ecclesiastic influences depending on the century and many Darreners were nonconformist.


28-01-09, 11:23
Thank you very much for the kind offer OC but the couple, a Nelson and a Bennion, from Ulverston and Darwen respectively are straying a little bit from where I want to go. For the moment I just wanted confirmation on the place names to do a bit of tidying up in that area of my tree.

28-01-09, 22:35
Hi again hope this helps - spoke to her who must be obeyed Upper darwin and Ulverston were both in lancashire. Darwin can be spelt two ways DARWIN and DAWWEN hope this helps

28-01-09, 23:01
Many thanks for your help Rob. I will keep the name as Darwin as that is what it looks like and also make an alternative spelling for the place name note for 'Darwen' on my tree. :D

PS. Many thanks to "her who must be obeyed" as well :D:D

Olde Crone Holden
28-01-09, 23:29
Excuse me!

DarWIN is a place in Australia.

DarWEN is a town in Lancashire. It has always been spelled DarWEN!


Harrys mum
28-01-09, 23:31
Beat me to it, OC.....

I've never seen the Lancs one written as "Darwin" and I've seen it written an awful lot.

Olde Crone Holden
28-01-09, 23:37
Ditto, Libby.

I have over 5,000 Darreners on my tree and access to another tree with over 3,000 (different) Darreners and it is ALWAYS written DarWEN - because that what it is called and how it has always been spelled.

Natives of Darwen get annoyed if it is spelled DarWIN. They (rightly) point out that DarWEN has existed for 1500 years and is nothing whatsoever to do with DarWIN in Australia!


29-01-09, 02:23
That's true OC but does that not look like an 'i' (dot above) on my image in the first post?

Hi Libby, You have now, ref: the image in my first post.

The lady with regard to my first post is a native Darwiner from Lancs - LOL! :D

I hope you both aren't raising your voices to "her who must be obeyed"! :eek:

sulks off and changes it back to Darwen. :p

Olde Crone Holden
29-01-09, 11:37
LOL, John! No, shouting at the idiot who wrote it as DarWIN on the census form, a very common spelling mistake by those who do not live in the area.

As far as I know, there is no place called DarWIN in Lancashire, nor indeed in the British Isles.