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24-01-09, 12:10
Does anyone know if it is possible to trace a divorce which occured in 1913/14? The husband was a solicitor and in 1911 the family were living in Market Drayton, Shropshire. Following the divorce the wife left the house and was forced to leave her children with her husband. We would love to know what happened to her and why they divorced as no one seems to know.
Thanks in advance.

24-01-09, 12:20

Records are at the National Archives. Go to their website, and search the catalogue for the surname, putting J 77 in the bottom box and you should find the reference.

24-01-09, 12:23
thank-you I'll give it a try

24-01-09, 12:32
This is what came up; Open Document, Open Description, Normal Closure before FOI Act: 30 years Does this mean i can't access it yet?

Little Nell
24-01-09, 13:46
Of course not! 1913 was far more than 30 years ago. You won't be able to see the document online, you'll have to go to Kew, but you should be able to get the reference to order it.

If you don't want to post names here, pm me and I'll see if I can help if you can't see what you want. It might also be in The Times online.

24-01-09, 23:21
Thanks Little Nell, I think i found it, just trying to work out which is the best way to order it and how much it's going to cost me! I hadn't thought of looking at the Times online, but will check it out.

24-01-09, 23:24
I ordered a divorce paper just last week from there. Used the Digital Express service. It was £8.50. As I ordered on a Friday, I got the pages (10 in all) first thing Monday morning.

Brilliant. The papers are very informative, and list anyone else who may have been involved (as they were in my case).

You can also request paper copies, but they are usually more expensive and obviously take longer to arrive.

24-01-09, 23:32
Thank you Orangeblossom, I think that is what i shall do, in the bit it show's you when you do the search a 3rd party is mentioned so i'm even more eager to find out. Did you have to ask for 10 pages or do they just send all that is there? Sorry for all the questions but this bit is all new to me as i've never used the national Archives site before.

24-01-09, 23:36
They automatically send you all the pages (up to 10) relating to the divorce. I think I may be missing a couple, but doubt they hold any more info than I have.

24-01-09, 23:39
Thats brilliant, thanks very much for your help, I will get it ordered tomorrow and hopefully I'll have it on Monday, can't wait!!
Thanks again

24-01-09, 23:47
It takes 24 hours, but I don't think they work Sunday so you might have to wait till Tuesday.
Hope you find what you're after :)