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23-01-09, 11:04
Would appreciate your thoughts please ....

I've tried endless variations of his name as well as variations of surname and even wildcard using . (fullstop)

His occupation in 1901 and on his death cert = bricklayers labourer.
In 1911 he would be aged approx 52, so too old to be in the army.

Where do you think he may have been?

23-01-09, 11:20
He may be in a county that hasn't been transcribed yet. There are still quite a few to go.

23-01-09, 12:02
Hi Tracy - sort of been thinking along those lines myself ... will have to wait for other counties to come on-line.

Did wonder if he was in hospital or some other institution ...??

23-01-09, 12:07
If he is in hospital or something, he should be on the transcripts.

Have you had a look at the image for his wife? It might give more info of his whereabouts.

23-01-09, 12:14
Hi again ... not looked at image, just transcript ... but aware that image shows more info e.g. no of births etc

...........off to 1911 site for a peep - thanks for tip

23-01-09, 12:27
:( No mention of him on census image, wonder if they'd had a tiff and he was living elsewhere ???

Mary from Italy
23-01-09, 14:31
If he was in an institution he may be registered under his initials.

23-01-09, 14:40
Might he have been working away from home?

23-01-09, 15:06
If he was a bricklayer, then he would travelling to wherever building was going on, if there wasn't enough work where he lived. He might be in lodgings somewhere, with a whole load of other bricklayers. If he didn't enter the details himself, then you probably won't get the correct birthplace - it may just be the county - and there may be more chance of his name being misspelled.

23-01-09, 16:28
hi all - thanks for the tips .... I'll keep looking

23-01-09, 16:34
just had another go .... tried searching for;

Benson / bricklayer
Benson / labourer
Ben*on - just trawling through 618 possibilities !! (lol ... just amended search to E Ben*on, only 48 to look through now)

left out place of birth and dob, but still no luck

maybe he's working at one of the counties not yet transcribed ............. :(