View Full Version : The little boy with the rope

Kath nr the Crooked Spire
21-01-09, 14:08
Is anyone else having problems viewing the UK census?

I subscribed to Ancestry au yesterday but I haven't been able to get into the census at all.
The little boy with the rope has been there since last night, I wondered if the problem is mine.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
21-01-09, 14:13
Hi Kathleen

I just did a quick 1901 via the uk site, (i can still search without the sub) and it worked for me.

Kath nr the Crooked Spire
21-01-09, 14:22
Thanks Glen.....I'm using Mozilla Firefox and I haven't downloaded the enhanced viewer as it didn't download, I wonder if this makes a difference.

I noticed someone else had the problem earlier but working on the 'if its not broke, don't try to fix it' theory, I didn't want to try anything if others have the same problem.

Just Gillian
21-01-09, 14:25
Hi Kathleen - I'm using firefox and the basic viewer. Just checked and I can view images.

Kath nr the Crooked Spire
21-01-09, 14:30
Thanks Gillian.....I am able to view the bmds but not the UK census, its strange.
I had heard others talk of the boy but I've never seen him before.

Kath nr the Crooked Spire
21-01-09, 14:40
To access the census I have - from the home page - clicked search - scrolled to the bottom and clicked UK census......this gives me the boy with rope.

I have just tried the 'see more' option instead of UK census and its worked, I had to scroll through many to find the one I wanted.
I thought I must be doing something wrong....