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20-01-09, 11:41
After getting help here the other week about Births for my Speck family that you had found, I sent for the certificates and they were useful, they were for Army in India births that I had not known about, they are a different sort of form, they have the birth date the baptism date and the Rank of the father as well as both parents names, very interesting, many thanks those who helped me.

Just Gillian
20-01-09, 12:03
Glad to hear you had such a good result Patti!

Loopy Linda in La La Land
20-01-09, 13:21
Hi Patti,

Great when you get a good result isn't it?

Happy Hunting


20-01-09, 20:28
Hi Patti

Thankyou for the info, I have just sent for a marriage cert for a rellie in India whilst in the Army.


Little Nell
20-01-09, 22:36
Thanks for sharing, its lovely when you get results!

Christine in Herts
21-01-09, 21:38
I don't know if you've looked on TNA?

If you put

Speck Army India
into the "all these words" box on TNA Quick Search (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/search/quick_search.aspx)

You do get a couple of Hits.