View Full Version : Passenger Lists: From Germany to the UK.

19-01-09, 05:38
I am interested in the period from 1900 to 1911.

I've had a look at the Ancestry incoming passenger lists to the UK from 1878-1960 database but unless I'm doing something wrong I can't seem to find any ships that depart from German ports. All the ships seem to be from far off exotic places. :confused:

Please could someone put me on the right track, if indeed there is one.

19-01-09, 06:16
Can't help but I can offer condolences.

My OHs mob travelled regularly but I can often only find them leaving, or coming but not both.

And if I get a rare occurance of both they arrive before they leave!

19-01-09, 06:50
LOL Kit ... It's quite difficult isn't it. I've managed to crack my Ozzie ones, both ways now, which I'm really happy about.

I've always had problems with the German line I'm researching. If I could find just one occurance of their names on a passenger list or any German related document for that matter then I'd be over the moon.

On the 1911 census it has confirmed again that this line came from Germany but nowhere at all in any of the documents I have, have I ever found where in Germany they're from.

19-01-09, 08:24
Have they angliscised their name by any chance?

They may have arrived under another name than the one you know.

19-01-09, 09:41
Unfortunately I've come across many variations of the first and surname for the actual main lady I would like to find out more about. Nothing has shone a light on where she originated from yet though.

19-01-09, 09:43
I don't think there are any passenger lists available for such short trips, unless you are lucky enough to find them on the list for a ship that started somewhere further off and picked them up en route.

19-01-09, 09:57
Hi Kite, Would you know, was it just a case of come and ago as you liked around that time period? Would there have been any record of them entering the UK? I'm not sure where I can really look at the moment.

19-01-09, 12:32
I don't think there would be any record of them entering the UK but if they became naturalised British subjects then their naturalisation papers might be available at TNA.

19-01-09, 13:52
I'm not sure that they ever became naturalised British subjects. The 1911 census is indicating their country of birth to be Germany and their nationality to be German. I've been struggling with this for a while now. Hopefully someday something will come along that may assist in my search. :D