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Sheila from Down Under
18-01-09, 02:48
Hello Yesterday I recieved by scanning the 1911 census for Alfred Hilton age 39 (?) born Merton. He has a visitor Maud Fuller 29 or 39 ( not easy to read ) born Wandsworth. Alfred's wife " shot through " at some stage she was Elizabeth Hilton nee Fuller, I have the family living in the 1901 census living in the Battersea/Wandsworth area. In none of my notes can I find a Maud Fuller I have been on Freebmd and my Ancestry sub has just run out. Can any one help please. :o

Harrys mum
18-01-09, 06:54
Sheila.....there is a tree with a Jane Maud Hilton born 26 Nov 1900 daughter of Alfred James Hilton and Elizabeth Sarah Fuller, so maybe Maud was a sister of Elizabeth.

That's if that is the same tree...I'm presuming it is.

Harrys mum
18-01-09, 06:57
Not such a great idea....looks like Elizabeth's siblings were
Joseph, Mary Ann, James, Rebecca, Jane, John, William, Frederick.

Sheila from Down Under
18-01-09, 09:04
Yes . The 1911 census states that Maud Fuller was a visitor


Harrys mum
18-01-09, 11:12
Sheila.....I thought she may have been Alfred's sister in law, but it doesn't look like he has a Maud.

Was Jane Maud (his daughter) with him?

Little Nell
18-01-09, 13:08
Does it state Maud's marital status?

Sheila from Down Under
18-01-09, 23:38
Sorry-- Little Nell Yes she was single

Libby --Yes also Jane is listed as age 9 daughter.

I had an email back overnight from the family but no luck I still can't find Maud


18-01-09, 23:54
Only ones I can see on censuses near those dates. None actually born Wandsworth.Can't see any b around 1872 tho'.

1881 census
Maud Fuller, Frank,Rosabelle abt 1879 Camberwell, Surrey, England Daughter Camberwell, London
Maud L. Fuller, Alfred,Eliza abt 1879 Rotherhithe, Surrey, England Daughter Rotherhithe, London

Maud E Fuller, Benjamin,Annie abt 1884 Camberwell, Surrey, England Daughter Croydon, Surrey

19-01-09, 00:10
Maud Fuller George,Mary abt 1886 Battersea, London, England Daughter Battersea, London
Maud Fuller abt 1879 Camberwell, London, England Granddaughter Hove, Sussex
Grandparents Henry and Betsy Porter

Maud E M Fuller Benjamin,Annie S abt 1882 Camberwell, London, England Daughter Croydon, Surrey

Harrys mum
19-01-09, 01:11
Kat......Maud could have been born 1872 or 1882ish as the image is hard to read
(age 29/39).

Sheila may have to check all those in 1911 (and deaths, etc) first.