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17-01-09, 15:20

We have a tree on Ancestry and my wife has invited a cousin The Heard tree to view our tree and we can view hers.

My wife was searching Family trees and noticed a public tree The Heard tree , she entered it and was shocked to find that all our family was on view.
Is it because we are allowed to view her tree that we can see everybody ?
Can anybody else see living persons ?

If you have an Ancestry account can you please look and tell me what you can see.

Family Trees
Tick Exact
Abna Thorpe Father Abna Thorpe
Birth 1896 Derbyshire
Public Member Tree
Heard Family Tree

Abna Thorpe had 2 children Joan Wendy Thorpe 1920 - 2008
Patrick M P Thorpe 1930 -

Can you see the children of Joan or Patrick or are the living listed as Living ?


Chrissie Smiff
17-01-09, 15:33
I can only see the ones who have died Ken.

17-01-09, 15:34
They are listed as Living.

17-01-09, 15:34
Hi Ken,
I can only see "Living Person"


17-01-09, 16:03
Hi Everybody

Thank you for looking.
We are now relieved , I thought that is the way it should be but was not sure.