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Mandy in Wiltshire
30-10-08, 20:57
Sorry if this is a silly question, but I've never had to do it before! I usually order my certs from the GRO but the indexes don't go online until a year or so after the event. If I want to get a copy of a more recent death certificate, can I still order it from the GRO without the reference (even though it costs more) or do I need to order it from the local Register Office?

Little Nell
30-10-08, 21:16
Not a silly question and I don't know the answer, so I will be watching carefully.

30-10-08, 21:17
I ordered a death certificate for 1910 and 1961 from GRO, but I did know both ref numbers.

Have you tried to find the reference number on the full index on Ancestry?

Mandy in Wiltshire
30-10-08, 21:19
Well I'm very relieved to discover that there are other people who don't know the answer to this one :D

Wendy, it's too recent to be on the Ancestry/Findmypast indexes yet.

I should add that I do know all the other details, full name, etc, etc.

30-10-08, 21:39
I'd give the GRO a ring.

30-10-08, 21:43
Hi Mandy,

I ordered a Death Certificate a fortnight after a death last year from a local Register Office. I didn't have a reference number. I just had to give name, address and d.o.b. and date of death. I ordered it over the phone. This was Gt.Yarmouth Register Office.

I sent a s.a.e. and the certificate was £3.50.


Mandy in Wiltshire
30-10-08, 21:47
Thanks, Sue and Barbara. I'll try ringing the local Register Office first. Thanks for all your help :)

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
30-10-08, 21:52
Very recent events are called "non deposited". Basically it means that the records are still current and not archived by the local reg office (not yet deposited in the "archived" records).

The majority of local reg offices supply copies of non deposited records for £3.50 instead of the usual £7.00 charged for a deposited record.

31-10-08, 00:44
The GRO are not going to supply any more recent indexes to Ancestry, Findmypast, etc. because they are, or were, hoping to have their own online system available one day. They agreed to make microfiches of the most recent indexes available at certain libraries etc around the country in the meantime. I haven't heard anything to say that they've changed their minds about this in the light of their DOVE / MAGPIE project being put into hibernation, so it could be that we don't get online access to the latest indexes for a long time.

I would go via the local register office if I were you.

Peter Evans
31-10-08, 02:03

If you go on-line to the GRO in the normal way there is the usual question whether you have the index reference. I think it costs about £10 if you don't have the reference. Presumably you have sufficient knowledge to pinpoint the event to their satisfaction.


Mandy in Wiltshire
31-10-08, 11:26
Thanks, Glen, now I've learned what the recent records are called :)

Thanks, Peter.

KR, yes I have a subscription to Findmypast and when the 2006 Births and Deaths came online without the Marriages, I emailed them and they told me more or less the same as you.

Pippa Doll
31-10-08, 16:16
As I understand it the records are not archived with the GRO until 18 months after registration.