View Full Version : Jerrold I Pierce & Stratton

29-10-08, 21:50
Jerrold I Pierce married my second cousin Patricia Geraldine Stratton in 1953 Hampstead, London England.

They then went to the USA.

Did they have any children?

Patricia & Jerrold divorced and she married again to a Don Mills. It's believed that they too divorced.

Patricia Mills, formerly Pierce nee Stratton died 9 Mar 1988 Contra Costa, California.

Can anybody else claim Jerrold & Patricia?

30-10-08, 00:22
Teresa, do you know for sure that either or both of Patricia's husbands are dead? If not then we will need to remove their name(s) from your post.

30-10-08, 12:12
Jerrold I Pierce died in the USA 21 Jan 2007. I found his 'Social Security Death Index'.

Can't pin down a definite death record for Don Mills though...there are literally hundreds of them and he was known as 'Don' but whether that was his correct Christian name or not..I have no idea as I can't find a marriage record in the USA confirming his marrriage to Patricia.