View Full Version : Is there any way i can make contact?

29-10-08, 18:16

on Ancestry someone has a photo of my ggg grandparents that i have never seen, but they have opted to not be contacted by anyone. I have searched on Tribal pages but where else can i look to see if they have an online tree somewhere? Obviously i dont want to put myself onto anyone who isnt interested, but something like this is too good to not try

many thanks

29-10-08, 18:38
Wow pass dear but hope you manage have you just tried googling the name to see if it brings up any links for it ;;

29-10-08, 18:50
Well aswell as GRrrrrr I think Find My Past has an online tree facility. That and google like mad thinking of every variation you can think of including their user name on Ancestry, which is how I tracked down a relli who had changed her email.

And then go back and repeat the search every couple of months:o


Jeanie with one n.
29-10-08, 19:38
How maddening. Why do people put their tree on ancestry if they do not want to be contacted.

29-10-08, 20:46
Normally i wouldnt be that bothered, but its an actual picture of them both together and as i have no idea what they look like it would be amazing. plus it reckons its dated around 1890 and that in itself has to be special

29-10-08, 22:19
Hi Robyne,

If you are ancestry subscriber, you should be able to contact them through ancestry, by clicking on their user name. Ancestry will send them an email saying some one would like to get in touch with them. Well, I have done this with private trees, so it should apply to photos too.

Whether they take any notice and reply is another matter altogether !!


Harrys mum
29-10-08, 22:59
I've done it for private trees as well.

The other idea......have you tried googling the name in google images.

I found an 1870 photo of one of mine there.

Northern Light
29-10-08, 23:18
Ancestry Aid has an online tree facility.

Good luck and hope you can get in touch :)

30-10-08, 05:04
good luck. Seeing a photo that old would be fantastic.

Yvonne from Oz
30-10-08, 09:12
Runs off to try Google images!!!

Jeanie with one n.
30-10-08, 17:41
On some of the private trees on ancestry, if you try to contact them you get a message saying that they do not want to be contacted.

30-10-08, 20:50
Thats what i got, might try googling though and seeing what it comes up with. i have entered in both names and it doesnt come up there so will try the images. Thanks all for your help