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Jools in Scarborough
26-10-08, 22:42
Been busy with other things lately and just got back to my tree. I now discover that Ancestry has altered their subs - it would appear that UK membership is no longer and it's now Essentials, Premium or Worldwide and it would like me to upgrade to one of them. Aside from being an unhappy bunny about this, what have others done & has anyone found on Ancestry where it says _exactly_ what's in each sub as opposed to their summary?
Thanks, Jools

26-10-08, 23:24
Jules a few of us have done it this way good value, read my thread below ;;


Jools in Scarborough
26-10-08, 23:35
Thank you Babs - will have a study. Jools

Elaine ..Spain
27-10-08, 07:57
Information about what is included for each sub
Subscribe - Ancestry.co.uk (http://landing.ancestry.co.uk/intl/uk/subscribe/subscribeE.aspx)

click on the words more info