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26-10-08, 12:00

I've just started out researching my family tree and am about a week into a free trial with ancestry.co.uk.
So far I've found it quite useful but before I commit to parting with my cash I would like to hear what other people think about it, i.e. how does it compare to other websites/databases and are there any hidden catches?
I have also discovered it has the facility to design a tree / book which they can then print for you. Has anyone tried this and did you like the final result?
Many thanks!

Elaine ..Spain
26-10-08, 12:15
If you are just starting on your family tree research then I would say Ancestry is the website you need, providing your ancestors are from England & Wales.
Ancestry contains transcriptions and images of the 1841-1901 censuses, as well as useful information like BMDs, Army records, some parish registers etc.
If you are researching Scottish ancestors then you would need Scotlands People.
If you are researching Irish ancestors then ....... good luck!

Once you have exhausted things like BMDs and census findings then you could consider other sites such as FindmyPast and Family HistoryOnLine, which have parish records, burial indices etc - you can buy credits on these sites so no need to purchase a full annual subscription.

Don't forget as well free sites, such as Family Search - this has the International Genealogical Index (IGI) which covers some parish records.

Have a look in our wiki (reference library) by clicking on the link in the blue navigation bar. You will find loads of information there on the different types of websites, subscription and free, which are available.

Elaine ..Spain
26-10-08, 12:18
Sorry, forgot to say welcome to Family Tree Forum.

If you need any help or advice with your research then post a query on our Research Q&As forum
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26-10-08, 20:12
Hi Welcome to the forum. I've had the full Ancestry for over a year and I'm still finding things on it. I've also built my tree on it which is very useful, especially when you want to send an invite to a relative to view it. For me it's worth the money.

Rachel Scand
26-10-08, 23:02
Ancestry UK is the one I wouldn't be without ... even if I'm not looking for myself, it's good to be able to help other people search.

Although the Scottish census images are not available, it does have the transcriptions.

Tribal Pages is good for building your tree


27-10-08, 09:59
My first post! Hello to everyone. I found http://www.genesreunited.co.uk/home/
very useful

27-10-08, 20:57
Many thanks for all your help! I'll continue with ancestry.co.uk and take a look at genesreunited, FindmyPast and Family HistoryOnLine too.
N.B. I am one quarter Belgium - I don't suppose anyone knows a good source of genealogical information from Belgium?!


Elaine ..Spain
27-10-08, 21:00
Gareth - have you checked out the links in our wiki (reference library)
Belgium - Family Tree Forum (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Belgium)

28-10-08, 06:15
Hi Gareth,

This is a good site for online Belgian records: Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium (http://www.geneaknowhow.net/digi/resources.html)
Click on "Internet" under the relevant province in the menu on the left.

The site has both Dutch and Belgian records. The Belgian provinces are:
West-Vlaanderen (West Flanders)
Oost-Vlaanderen (East Flanders)
Antwerpen (Antwerp)
Vlaams Brabant (Flemish Brabant)
Limburg B (Belgian Limburg - not to be confused with Limburg NL which is Dutch Limburg)
Brabant Wallon/Waals Brabant (Walloon Brabant)
Luxembourg Province
There are also records for Brussel/Bruxelles (Brussels)

28-10-08, 21:50
Thanks very much for the Belgium links.
Luckily I have found some good documents from my Belgium side which will help.