View Full Version : Another query re Passenger Lists

24-10-08, 08:24
I have found a few people who are crossed out on the list. Does that mean that they planned to travel but dfidn't actually go?

24-10-08, 08:29
Think I've answered my own question. In the example I currently have the lady is listed somewhere else as travelling to that destination.

But that makes someone else very strange he books trips but doesn't actually travel. He is continually crossed out.

Jennie H
24-10-08, 08:41
I have always assumed that it was done when they were counting or something like that-as on the census returns. Oh dear, was I wrong?

24-10-08, 09:04
I don't know Jeannie. In one case the lady was crossed out as she was recorded elsewhere.

With the others I don't know what is right but not all people were crossed off on the other pages I've seen. Wish I had an example on hand.

Elaine ..Spain
24-10-08, 09:24
I thought it was a counting system.
An example: If you do a search for Grace Bouverie, travelling 1925 from Bombay - you will see there are 11 lines crossed out which refer to 10 Army personnel plus one Mariner. At the bottom of the page there is a note which says 10 Forces.

24-10-08, 10:37
I see what you mean Elaine. It's just the ones I've seen don't have the explanation at the bottom. They were army people though so it could explain things.

Christine in Herts
24-10-08, 12:18
I'm glad someone's raised that. I've been wondering, myself.